Friday, 19 September 2014

Rough Riders ahoy... err... charge!

Given that I have decided to follow popular opinion (i.e. Ryan) and focus on the Astra Militarum for Lords of War, I have dug out my old Rough Riders that I had been working on.

So yeah, I started work on these about 5 years ago, and then after building 3 got distracted (selling and moving house, child #2... excuses excuses). 

I only need to build another two and I am sorted (after they are painted that is).

They are made from Space Marine Scout bikers, Cadian parts, Rough Rider hunting lances, and Forgeworld Cadian upgrade parts (heads, backpacks).

I was lucky enough to have a store of the old hunting lances, and got some good ideas from one of my local Guard Appreciation Korps (GAK) members, Kevin O’Leary, for having them mounted on bikes.

I've got enough parts to do a full squad of 10. But let's focus on the required 5, shall we?

1 comment :

  1. Nice work, always thought rough riders looked better on bikes rather than horses - not like we're playing WHFB!

    The Cadian bits fit quite nicely scale wise from what I can see.

    Glad to hear I've been of some influence :)