Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Terrain for Call to Arms

While I am not playing at Call to Arms this year, I did offer Craig Stewart (the umpire and regular tournament attendee) 3 tables worth of terrain for the players to fight over.

After Maelstrom I purchased some more terrain. I had been eyeing the Tempestus Firebase that had been for sale at Livewire Games what seemed like forever, and it was still available so I finally pushed 'buy' and it appeared a couple of days later on my doorstep. Must have been fate.

A lot of guns. Death to the enemies of Mankind!
The box is made up of an Aquila Strongpoint, 2x Firestorm Redoubts, a Vengeance Weapon Battery, and an Imperial Defence Emplacement. You get a lot of plastic! 

The only things I had to watch for is that some parts were slightly warped so required lots of rubber bands. that there was a lot of mold lines to clean off, and whoever disassembles them off the sprue at the factory doesn't necessarily do it with the care and attention most gamers would... oh well, battle damage I guess...

It's now had an undercoat and a couple of shots of spray paint (enough for the weekend - detail later). Next challenge is to find something to store it in...


  1. Very nice, will look great on the table. Have you moved the guns around and made the prerequisite pew pew noises?

    1. I think you'll find these are less pew pew and more fzap and kerboom