Sunday, 30 October 2016

Warpstorm IX 2016 - done and won

Warpstorm IX 2016 has been done and won.

It was a bleak cold weekend in Wellington - which of course is perfect wargaming weather. 

Luckily when we packed up on the Sunday it had cleared and was very sunny, which was fantastic for taking the tables back to their home. 

Overall it was a great success, we raffled off a copy of Deathwatch: Overkill (supplied by Mighty Ape) for the Wellington City Mission, 8 trophies got given away, and everybody had fun (max sports scores for the weekend).

The participants in some of their glory

Breakdown of the results
Thanks goes out once again to all the supporters (sponsor, table and terrain suppliers, bye busters) and participants who (apart from the stressful week prior when I ended up having several dropouts that I needed to find replacements for) were amazing with zero drama llamas.

Congratulations to all the winners... and here's some photos from the event

26 happy gamers 

Nigel's cool Razorback

Daemonic goodbadness from Glen

Fantastic diorama base... more here

More Eldar shenanigans

Flying Circus

First Place army... just a bit of firepower

How now blue Tau?

Best Presented army.... nice

Lucky bugger

Hope to see you all again soon!

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  1. Thank you for running it,a great event as always. Nice to see the Bloodthirster award be included ;)