Saturday, 17 February 2018

What has been happening?

Painting wise, not a lot I can tell you. Kids activities (plus their uncaring attitude towards me needing them to Go To Bed Early Please And Let Me Do Some Hobby Oh ForTheLoveOf....) and Real Life™ has been conspiring against my hobby mojo.

And this thing has been on my painting desk pre-New Year. I am painting it to fit with my Adepta Sororitas army - and yes it is armed with the Holy Trinity of Sisters weaponry (Bolter ... ok Heavy Gatling Cannon, Melta, and Heavy Flamer). 

I have actually finished painting both arms so I might just have to paint by section (i.e. lower leg, upper leg. head, etc.) to get it finished. And yes I bought it assembled thanks for asking why the armour plates were stuck on, thanks again...

A lot more model to paint with a Fine Detail brush than expected

Speaking of upcoming tournaments, I have almost finished the players pack for Maelstrom XI. This will be up on Facebook and I will look to register it as an ITC event as well. It will be 32 players maximum. 

I also registered for Fields of Blood in September, which presents me with a number of headaches as in what to take.

I could take:
Custodes. Small army i.e 20-23 models(!), I have painted all the troops so would need to buy/paint all the 'cool stuff' 
Deathwatch. Unlikely as they don't have a codex and the list is cool but too... bitsy at the moment.
Space Wolves. Rumoured to be getting a codex around May-ish, I could use FoB to signal the return of the Rout. 
Other? Who knows. Suggestions? I do have Sororitas and Astra Militarum and Word Bearers but something new could be interesting. 

What I do know is that I need more game time. I have had two games this year vs Pete Dunn which have been a good learning curve for me (putting things into action rather than watching them happen on a nearby table). I need to test my Custodes list that's for sure!


  1. Why did you paint it with the armour plates stuck on?

  2. I advise you to paint them all until a month out from the tournament. Then go into a wild panic because nothing is finished and you haven't actually read the rules for the new codexes. Then make a snap decision which you will bitterly regret later.