Sunday, 3 June 2018

Maelstrom XI June 09/10 2018 army lists released

Righto, less than a week to go. The Round 1 draw has been sent to the participants, and the lists can be found here

Remember information and results also posted to the Facebook event page here.

All the administrivia has been completed, I am picking up trophies this week, all that remains is setting up the hall then watching people push their painted minis around all weekend.

Hopefully once Maelstrom has completed I can get back to regular painting updates. I have painted a grand total of zero miniatures this year and if I am to get my proverbial together for FoB in September I better pull finger(s).

On the plus side, at least GW has announced the Space Wolf Codex is to be released... next-ish. Depending on the Ork codex.

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