Monday, 18 August 2014

Short painting update

Here are a couple of models I finished over the weekend...

First up - my 'counts as' Uriah Jacobus for my Sisters of B.... Adepta Sororitas.

Meet my little friend...

Jeez this is heavy

Repent, unbelievers!

She is made up of:
Mordheim Sisters of Sigmar Matriarch
OOP metal Space Wolf assault cannon
OOP metal Blood Angel Honour Guard banner

She started life as just a normal 'priest' (was 40k'd up and armed with a CCW and power weapon) for my Repentia, but I needed something that would suit my vision for a female Jacobus... a bit of chopping and green stuffing later and here we go.

Text on the banner is done with artists pens, goodness it would have taken me forever to do with a brush(!!). Might fix up that bit of the magazine... looks like a bit of battle damage that was picked up when Thing 3 got her hands on it and threw it on the floor, much to my... ummm... consternation.

The assault cannon is a pretty good fit as it was quite... small. I think it's a good representation of Uriah's 'Redeemer' shotgun.

The other model I finished was a Commissar for my Astra Militarum. I love this model. Apparently so much that I have two (no idea why... and I have misplaced the second one...).
"Go on, flee - I dare you. I double-dare you, motherf@#$er!"

"This crop? Oh. Umm.. it's for sorting the Conscripts out"
Next up is an Inquisition Henchmen warband and a Cherub dragging a book.

Last photo is a Proud Dad™ moment. Late last year my son (aged 5) painted his first miniature.

I was recently scrabbling through a storage box (as you do) and found this other model that I had picked up in a TradeMe auction. Well colour me surprised when they looked like they had been painted in the same colours...

His is the Space Marine.  



  1. Nice work - I especially like the Commissar, bad @ss motherf@#$er indeed.

    Great to catch up with you at Call to Arms as well =D

    1. I found the other one lurking with my metal Kasrkin... Yay!

      Am looking forward to you finishing your Wraithknights... ;-)