Thursday, 14 August 2014

So what modelling has been going on then?

Ok, so some of you may know I like Impe… the Astra Militarum. I think it's the futility in the face of insurmountable odds yet they still keep on trying... Or something like that.

When I moved to Christchurch about 10 years ago, I had sold the last of my Space Wolves, and had a burning desire to do a horde type army. I didn’t identify with Tyranids or Orks, so Guard it was.

Fast forward a few years – I’ve played a few games, painted a few models, and I see something that really catches my eye… the Imperial conversion of an ork trukk that Dave Taylor came up with...

Well… I'm always keen on funky one-off models (Al Borthwick's KoS spring to mind) and I needed a couple of Hydras… so Dave very kindly supplied me with datafiles, I went off to an Australian laser etching company, and after a lot of cutting and filing and cursing and stuff Dave (again, very very very kindly) posted the pictures of the converted models on his blog. This was, if you click on the link, back in 2010.

Well here are the photos of the painted ones since I don’t think they have ever seen the light of the internet. At least, I don’t think they have…. …. …

Also germinating at the back of my head at the time was an idea for a Deathstrike Missile Launcher. Who takes these you ask? Well, nobody. Why would you? Except for fun… oh. Right. Actually, it's a chance to use those Apocalypse templates you've had since they were released eh.... 

Anyway. I had an idea for a Scud-esque launcher in my head back then, I bought an Ork Battlewagon (and eventually a Deathstrike/Manticore when they were released), and voila – nothing. It sat around in my storage containers for nearly four years. Depreciating.

But now, with my new found vigour and passion… it has been created.  Behold the Deathstrike!

Death from above!

Rolling, rolling, rolling...

Don’t ask how long it took me to bodge those rear wheels, I have suppressed it. There was a lot of cursing. Anyway, it looks ok and suitably Imperial and AV12/12/10 I think.

Also I have been busy building a Chimera to transport my Ogryns (or Bullgryns, if… when I get them <cough>)

Tired of complaints about getting sore heads? well as converting my old Griffon to be a “counts as” Wyvern. I am so glad it failed to sell on TradeMe, I would have kicked myself because they are crazy good for the points! And I am sure nobody will be cross at me for using the Griffon model…

Second hand tanks come already battle damaged

Look out, behind you!

They all still need a bit of gap filling and roughing up so never fear... it will happen...

I also converted a couple of crew. The spotter was fun, once I got the periscope thing sorted in my head.
I see you! BOOM!

And here are a couple of Taurox all assembled (geez they were a breeze... apart from the bits on the sprue that were not on the plans...). These are for the Inquisition Militarum Tempestus allies I will have.
Probably sad they're not going to get painted for a while

So at the moment I am on a huge Astra Militarum vehicle assembly drive. I only have a finite supply of the old Catachan Green and the greys so they all have to be at least basecoated at the same time to make sure I don't run out. No pressure!

Until next time…

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