Monday, 20 July 2015

Grey Hunters - first pack (almost) complete

So I finished the basic construction of the first squad of 10 Grey Hunters.
In all their glory! For the Rout!

Then... I got viciously harassed (ok, maybe not viciously... and ok, ok, maybe he just mentioned it in passing) by Jeff at Kiwihammer about the back banner I was using as a Wolf Standard. 

Of course my reasoning - other than it being a cool banner - was based in the old dex where every GH unit could take one. Charlie St Clair did it with his Space Wolves and I thought it was a Good Idea™.

Now of course, you can only take one per detachment, so some remodelling was required. Luckily I had a spare banner arm lurking in a bitz box.
Needs more detailing/iconography on the banner... and he's all unbalanced

Pack markings underway

More pack markings

Some more pack markings. Might add a rune to that diamond 

So remaining to complete is the Grey Hunter pack markings, any extra armour/pelt detailing, and then we are good to paint. I may even try and sculpt a wolf for the banner, who knows? (although having stuck the banner to the model it'd be a bit of a pain to do now...)

In addition to the pack markings and other bits and bobs I was thinking of sculpting the shoulder pad wolf icon but then thought better of that as my GS skills are not that good (yet). Anyone kind souls who have spare embossed shoulder pads for a pack brother... let me know!

The astute observer might notice that I am using dwarf shields as a form of embellishment on the models. I have enough to do most of an army, although I might have to find some dwarf (or ex-dwarf) players to see if they have some extras of the styles I need to complete squads.

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