Monday, 27 July 2015

A small unit of Blood Claws...

Space Wolf Sunday - finished base assembly of a 6-strong unit of Blood Claws.

Each Blood Claw has running legs and a bare arm (and bare head!) to represent their berserk and impetuous nature - I have used beastmen and marauder arms as they are scaled well enough.  

I had used this kitbash in my previous army and liked the aesthetic so thought I'd repeat it. I still need to add accessories such as totems and grenades.

I used to run:
14-strong unit including Wolf Guard (usually trucking in a Land Raider Crusader)
10-strong unit in a Rhino
7-strong unit of Skyclaws including Wolf Guard

Unfortunately Blood Claws, in the new book, are a bit of a 'meh' to me. It appears you either take two minimal sized units to fill any enforced troops choices (although mounting them in a Stormwolf or a Stormfang is a Good Idea) or take lots of them and pair them up with Ulrik/Wolf Priests.

This doesn't fit my vision for my army... so I think I'll stick with this one unit in the meantime. With the change in access to power fists/weapons I see no benefit (to me) in more squads, and there will definitely be no Skyclaws or Swiftclaws unless the next iteration  of the Codex makes then WS4 like Space Marine scouts (don't care about BS on guys that need to get to combat).

Might give them Lukas the Trickster for giggles (in friendly games...) though... and scare enemy IC's.

I love my Grey Hunters! More on the table shortly.

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