Sunday, 9 August 2015

More Space Wolves on a Sunday

I've been chipping away here and there when I have a spare moment - I received some parts (i.e. the new Devastator legs...) from Bits and Kits in the UK (second order on its way), and have been kitbashing away to my hearts content.

Below are the fruits of my labours since last post - a 4-strong Long Fang Pack and some more Grey Hunters.

I only had 2 missile launchers, that's why


Ok so you might have seen the plasma gunner before.,..

Mixing up the new 2014 Tac squad legs is fun, gosh they stand tall

The Grey Hunters are only 5-strong as I am a bit low on GH shoulder pads and also the Dwarf shields (at some point I am going to have to ask the local Dawi players if they have some spare...)

So yes, obviously there's a few shoulder pads missing, and lot of green stuffing to go i.e. pelts, runes, pack markings, joins, etc. but I am very happy building stuff at the moment.

Before I get into painting I intend to build one more Grey Hunters squad, finish my Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf, and resurrect my old dead Battle Leader Tjalfe Helmreaver (using Krom's axe as a suitable 'Black Death' relic I think,.,). Oh and possibly build a Rhino/Razorback. Plus buy more 32mm bases.

I might even build a squad of Wolf Guard Terminators AND a unit in power armour (armed with storm bolters)

Question: Do I put helmets attached to the belts of the models with bare heads? 

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