Monday, 17 August 2015

More and more Space Wolves...

Have been slowly working on assembling these Terminator models. You will notice some of the Forgeworld torsos in there, seriously I have had these since they were released sitting in my bitz box. Far out.
It's only just and right that I use a bit of Deathwing kit

Storm Shields in front you idiot!

Small unit, ignore them, nothing to see here. 

I am planning to purchase two sets of SW terminator legs to complete my set. I'll have enough for a couple more Lone Wolves (suggestions for armament?), plus another two squads, plus a Wolf Lord (with Morkai's Claws) plus a Arjac conversion (anyone got a spare Blizzard Shield?), about 20 terminator models all up.

I intend to do a unit of 5 Void Claws, the remaining Wolf Guard terminators will be either Storm Bolter, maybe a Cyclone in there (if I can find it in my Space Marine box). Still (obviously) need to complete extra modelling/accessories but that will happen soon enough.

Also here's a picture of what will happen to the large piece of plasticard on the Assault Cannon model.

"Meet my little friend"

Enjoying modelling so much at the moment, no sign of paint anytime soon!


  1. now you just need to model some fire hydrants as objective markers.

    1. You're about 10 years too late with that comment John. This is the grim AND the dark.