Saturday, 14 November 2015

The might of the Breslau Sturmjaegers

Possessed once again of a need to purge my existing collection of excess model baggage, amongst other things it gives a great view of what I've done, and what's still to do.

I am using this exercise to try and clarify the things I really care about 'finishing' (whatever that is/means), and letting go of the rest. This is the first of my armies to have the treatment...

Command Squad (obviously with extra choices depending on what you take on the day), with attached Salamander/Chimera

Other options - the Techpriest has three really old skool servitors too.  I like the Priest and the Wizz... err... Primaris Psyker is also ace.

The Commissariat

Originally my Honorifica Imperialis Vet Squad sergeant, he is now my 'counts-as' Straken. Just need to paint his buddies...

Ogryn squad as seen in WD with their pimped ride (to be painted...)

PBS... or as they are now known as Wyrdvane Psykers. The guy in the front is now unemployed.

Militarum Tempestus Platoon Command Squad (and attached Commissar). Flamers are being converted to Hot-shot Volley Guns

Previously an Inquistion squad, now need their fatigues repainted

20-odd to assemble/paint

Alpha Platoon Command Squad with Chimera

Alpha Platoon Squads 1 and 2 with Chimera(s)

Alpha Platoon Squads 3 and 4
Alpha Platoon Heavy Weapons squads (need more 60mm bases...). Those Servitors at the back are guarding T-L Lascannon Tarantulas that I have had, in those bags, since they first were released from Forgeworld. Maybe I need to let them go...
Alpha Platoon Special Weapon Squad - currently under construction for many years, these guys have history but are needing some mates
Beta Platoon in all its glory (again, some new 60mm bases required...)

Veteran Squad 1 - masters of the alpha strike (in the good ol' days...)

Veteran Squad 2 - probably need to swap the meltas for plasma?

Veteran Squad 3 (Grenadiers) under painting construction

Ah... my old Penal Legion <sob>... they are probably going to be Veteran Squad 4 (designated sacrificial lamb squad 124857)

30 old metal Cadians that I had grand visions of turning into a Conscript Squad. Realistically though they are probably needing to find a home where they will be used.

Rough Riders... I have enough parts for another 5 to make a full squad of 10 but the tension between not really wanting to build/paint them and wanting to keep the spare bits because I will never get my hands on them again... grrr...

Flame tank of flaming flameness

If I have the points I take this. So... rarely. I think I have a multilaser somewhere

Currently configured as a Vendetta + Vendetta/Valkyrie. No plans for a 3rd

Commander Pask and his bodyguard 

Squadron A

The Big Boys... Demolisher needs his replacement multimelta sponsons!

Artillery Central

Probably going to use the Griffon as a Wyvern

The Pride of Breslau... and yes I can configure it as a Baneblade

Random models I have leftover (heavy flamer can be swapped into a Vet squad, the heavy bolter can be my counts-as Sergeant Harker)

So where to from here for the Astra Militarum?

Obviously there's a fair few models that still need to be painted. 

  • Enginseer + 3 Servitors (I may have another one or two Enginseers lurking somewhere too)
  • 25-27 Militarum Tempestus
  • 3 Tarantulas
  • 6 Special Weapons troops (snipers)
  • 9 Grenadiers 
  • 6 Leman Russes of various configurations in various stages
  • Griffon a la Wyvern just because
  • Baneblade/Hellhammer for those big fun games
  • .. + 5 Rough Riders (maybe)
  • ...  + 30 Conscripts (maybe)
  • ..... + lots of rebasing

There wouldn't be much left to buy if money was no hindrance... all I'd want is a squad of 6 Bullgryns... but I'd prefer some enthusiasm to get this lot done to be honest!

Anyone have a pile of 60mm bases they don't need?? :)


  1. Nice collection! Maybe we need that super heavy for next campaign weekend?

    Great to see it all out in order.

  2. You planning on getting rid of this army?

    1. No :)

      Bits of unpainted/unneeded stuff will go though