Saturday, 18 November 2017

2017 Painted Model commitment #9

I am now over half way painted for my Custodes and Sisters of Silence force. The centrepiece of the army is a Land Raider... it took about 3 weeks of evenings (not every evening, but a few) so here it is in all its magnificence...

Too big to fit in the lightbox...

Lots and lots and lots and lots of bling

Some writing

Venerable Land Raiders are tough btw

Custodes models are REALLY BIG (oh and yes the interior is fully painted, thanks for asking)

I had a game vs Alan Borthwick's Genestealer Cult at Warpstorm - and this inspired me to start painting my Deathwatch again (after I had built half a dozen new models to add to the pile...). 

Here is Captain Markus She'don of the Iron Hands (uses Captain Artemis rules)

My grumpy face

Still fluffing the light balance... grr. Might try again.

You might remember the Hereforge models from here - I got given another two to paint using the higher quality 3D print and the difference in print quality really showed. Still a lot of striation making it a pain to paint but certainly a lot easier. The amount of customisation you can do on these models before you print them is pretty cool.  

He may be a bad man

Definitely less bad

That cat has pretty amazing detail

How on target am I?
Weeks of the year complete: 46
Models painted: 57
Vehicles painted: 3

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  1. Love it. Your banner work and attention to detail is marvellous. Looking forward to more of your Deathwatch. I've seen a few WIP shots (I think) and some sweet conversions going on.