Tuesday, 14 October 2014

And we're straight into Militarum Tempestus...

I have plans for two Militarum Tempestus forces - one that compliments my existing Astra Militarum force using metal Kasrkin models, the other using the spunky new plastic Militarum Tempestus plastic models, because they are... lovely. 


Sorry, I mean Grim and Dark and stuff.

The plastic MT models will be used as an ally for my Inquisition force, so I have quickly whipped up a test model.

I can go through the colours if anyone is interested, with the proviso too that it hasn't had a coat or two of varnish yet so that will flatten out the highlights. 

And here's some with my main non-Coteaz Inquisitor and a couple of the retinue. Should fit in ok I hope. I'll probably do 5 and wish I'd painted them black or something...

Anyway - thoughts/comments/discussion appreciated!


  1. I actually ended up repainting the red armour after all that.

    Originally I had done:
    Mephiston Red/Evil Sunz Scarlet/Agrax Earthshade/Squig Orange

    I felt it was too red and not enough 'old Scab Red'.

    So I have redone it:
    Khorne Red/Wazdakka Red/Agrax Earthshade/Squig Orange

    I think it's more in keeping with the other models, my problem being matching the new paints to the old... and that despite having a notebook in my modelling desk FOR THAT VERY PURPOSE I failed to write down my paint schemes/recipes. Because, you know, that happens.

  2. Looking good they really tie in with the =][= stuff well.

    Matching old to new paints can be frustrating

    1. There's a great chart someone did on Dakkadakka which converts all the old paints to new ones.

      I still have to refer to it but I'm getting better/more confident.