Sunday, 26 October 2014

Armies on Parade... Wellington

I made the last minute decision to enter the Armies on Parade competition at the Wellington GW store.

Imagine my surprise as I picked up a Bronze (no snazzy baseboard, just some painted models...)! The other entries were quite visually striking by using mass numbers (nids) or height (chaos) which is, I know, very important, having read the odd White Dwarf or two and seen a few images online about it all.

Here's my entry (taken shots at home as the ones I took in store were rubbish, these slightly less so)
Inquisitor Hektor van Guren

Inquisitor and retinue and Chimera

Astra Militarum Veteran Squad

Grizzled Veteran

Veterans wheels... err... tracks

Space for a lie down
Inquisitor's bully boys

Anti-air support

Hellhound.... a favourite. Loved converting this model.

Randomness and a pie plate

Yes they are Rough Riders

Yes I know they don't have horses

Still got lances though

Close up... last thing my opponent will see!


Here's the winner... Loving in particular the very doomed Imperial Fist, and the scratchbuilt Malanthrope made out of a plastic Hive Tyrant amongst other bits and bobs.

'I can still win this...'

Second place Chaos... with a very cool Kholek Suneater conversion based on a lizardmen carnosaur and a beastmen ghorgon...


Just so you know... my two oldest voted for the Chaos entry... the little traito.. err... umm...

Well done my wee free thinking individuals :-)

Maybe I'll try harder for next time... Deathwatch anyone?

In the end my services were not needed for Vermintide today as another person dropped out to make it even numbers again (curses... Not just because that's a pain for Peter the TO but I was also looking forward to having a couple of games with the Cold One Bus).

So Sunday has been a family day, and you never know, I might start painting a Baneblade now that I am on a roll...