Saturday, 11 October 2014

I have not been idle...

Yes I know there has been some radio silence... but I have actually been... busy.

I popped into GW the other day (my birthday in fact) and spied the Armies on Display competition that's on the 25th October.

2 weeks.

I still haven't finished the Rough Riders.

And now there's all this undercoated stuff on my table.
Stuff (including 60+% Rough Riders)

More stuff with infantry

I did try out my new airbrush + compressor this afternoon. Fantastic. Made basecoating the tanks so much easier.

I'll know by the end of the coming week whether I will be able to make any sort of target. But at least this is giving me a bit of a shove on the painting front!

Oh... and the models are:
1x Hellhammer/Baneblade (either or)
LR Exterminator
Converted Deathstrike
2x Taurox Prime
AM Veteran Squad with Grenadier upgrade
Militarum Tempestus HQ
Militarum Tempestus Squad

And out of shot: Leman Russ

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