Saturday, 26 March 2016

At last, I painted something

Remember this?  December 2014

And this?? March 2015

Frustrated at my complete lack of progress on any painting front, and given it's a long weekend, I sat down yesterday and (after doing my best impression of modern parenting i.e. 'watch a movie and let me play with my dolls please') proceeded to immerse myself in paints and brushes and haphazard eyesight.

And after several hours of slow progress (how much f#%&-ing detail is on these models, seriously), and 12 months (!!!) after the last post on the topic, I have produced Grey Knight Librarian Appolyon:

"Throw me my brewski Sam! Hurry! I've got some daemons to administer holy hops on!"


Note I haven't gone down the silver route, I always preferred the dark scheme that appeared in the old Index Astartes article way back when. I originally used Vallejo German Grey but being a simple soul and only wanting to use GW paints for consistency/availability/loyalty/whatever I switched to Eshin Grey as my basecoat - a lot lighter but I am ok with this.

Olde Skool Grey Knight colour scheme

Might take some more (better) photos when it's daylight... and after he's had a bit of a varnish.

Progress, YEAH!


  1. 'modern parenting' you say, good to know. Fantastic paint job.