Monday, 28 March 2016

The resurrection of... Tjalfe Helmreaver

Enthused and inspired by the return of the Wulfen - and also the Deathwatch Overkill models - and given that it's Easter... I made a decision to resurrect an old Wolf Guard Battle Leader that I had 'killed off' in my army background fluff many years ago (after one too many thumpings at the hands of Angor Bok, a well known local Iron Warrior despot).

A quick purchase of some bits and pieces from BitsandKits (a Dren Redblade model, and a Wulfen head), a bit of a kitbash with things like the Space Wolf accessory sprue, Krom Dragongaze's axe, and a tiny bit of green stuff and voila! 

Here is the original piece of artwork that inspired me

I could not for the life of me find a copy of this image on the internet... my search skills rolled a '1'

Here is Tjalfe back in the day(<2008)

Nice 'stache
Suffice to say he's risen from his sus-an slumber and the effects of the Canis Helix are a bit more pronounced...

"I am a bit annoyed that I got hit on the head by that bad man, by jingoes"

"I got axe for you!"

Loving the dynamics of the Dren Redblade model

In actual games of 40k I intend to give him the Black Death if I have the points, otherwise Bolt Pistol + fancy CCW and a very angry streak will see me through I'm sure!

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  1. What happened to Derek Silvertongue, or what ever his name was? Those games were always very thematic, all the rank and file models would get killed off and then the small band of heroes would go on a rampage.