Monday, 9 March 2015

Adepta Sororitas progress

It seems like ages since I posted so apologies. Life, NZTC, life again, etc. conspiring against me and my efforts to do hobby time and post regularly. It's always good to blame outside influences, it saves taking responsibility for your own lack of problem ownership.

There has been zero progress on my Sector Imperialis board other than showing it to Glen (of Wrythhold) and Wil... it's just there are so many other duck-esque things to distract me.

FOR EXAMPLE... I picked up five Adepta Sororitas Immolators recently - 3 of which were the full kit and two being Rhinos with Immolator turrets. They came prepped and partially undercoated, with all the weapon options, and had the Forgeworld front plates and side doors, with a FW rear door thrown in there too - so I was pretty excited about that,

I have built three of them so far...

Eat melta death, heretics!
... note they have multi meltas (which are not glued, but I am not sure I will ever have use for the other two weapon options especially as these will be used solely for Dominions. Who scout. Or outflank.)

So I need to build and paint some Dominion squads to go in them, as I never have used Dominions before (just didn't fit with my play style/previous lists). 

Here's two squads ready to assemble. I have enough models for a third squad, but they may have to be armed with flamers not meltaguns :(
Ahh, metal unprepped models, my favourite... (not)

The fourth Immolator is going to be using the old metal top plate/turret that I got from Pete Dunn nearly a millennia ago and will be used by my HQ most likely... and here it is in bits. Note the Grail Knight banner that will be placed over where the top hatch goes (somehow). I am still figuring how this might all work (plus I need to magnetise the turret so it doesn't fall off all the time)... this may take a couple of weeks,
Lolz at the former Chaos Rhino front plate being reconsecrated...

I have also been sidetracked by Grey Knights. I was supposed to be getting my GK metal terminators finished and the GK metal Librarian done but it's uninspiring for me. So I'll probably put them on TradeMe so someone can get some use out of them.

He is not going to fall backwards! And no he is not dancing!

Health and Safety - needs a hand rail for that left arm to safely descend those stairs...

Doesn't look too dull?

Once I get painting we'll see how good (or bad) my moulding and modelling of the GK script is... brown stuff and liquid green stuff can cover lots of errors, but ... :)

I am also seriously considering selling my Word Bearers on eBay. Many many hours went into this army, with assistance and support from several key people to help me realise my vision for them. You can read more about it (and more importantly see pictures, particularly on pg 3) on my modelling diary at WargamerAU. This army won me the Harlequin award at Liber Animus in 2009 and have been sitting in a box pretty much ever since.  I love the army and their background, they are a great foil for my Adepta Sororitas, but thinking about upgrading them for 7th and adding new units (like the new plastics from the Dark Vengeance box set that I have converted just for this purpose) just gets me a bit... meh. So maybe it's time for someone else to enjoy using them, 

I am also getting very excited for Maelstrom VIII coming up - I just need to get to my minimum registered and paid players so I can be confident it'll go ahead!


  1. Pretty sure the last Liber Animus was in 2008

  2. In Peteville maybe, but in Charlistan it was definitely 2009...

  3. Up to 2008 it was Invitational, from 2009 they let the riff raff in opening it up to the hoi polloi

    1. You're probably not counting LA I as well, not a real tournament as no proper NZers invited?

    2. I was invited....but didn't go as it was only a one dayer

  4. Looking really good on the Sisters Hagen, you are going to love the Dominions.... if you get to go first...