Saturday, 28 March 2015

Terrain update

I have been busy, when I have had a moment or two to spare, trying to build all my 40k terrain before Maelstrom VIII.

Below are some pictures of where I have got to. Apart from accessories (lights etc.) in bags, I have used nearly all of my Sector Imperialis pieces.

With the addition of some Basilica Administratum pieces... 

I looooove the Shrine of the Aquila

I had inherited some extra bits so a 1.5 sized Bastion was required!

I had a few of the Mierce Miniatures 60mm bases that I started putting some scatter terrain on, which worked well.
Need more 60mm bases...

Happy to take suggestions as to what else to build from the scraps!

All that is left to build is a Fortress of Redemption... this week sometime.