Saturday, 28 March 2015

Yet another small distraction...

One of the 'benefits' of being in this hobby for a long time is that you can build up quite a collection of projects... this is also useful as it means there is always something to do to stop the boredom/distract you from actually completing stuff (i.e. this is keeping me from starting the Fortress of Redemption...)

This model has been sitting in the 'stuff to build' phase since the female inquisitor model was released in what, 2003?? Wow. 12 years.

I present... Inquisitor Agatha Devorax. She started life as a Adepta Sororitas, but her latent psychic ability was unable to be overcome by the rigorous training at the Convent. The only option for one of her talent and devotion to the Imperial Creed was working for the Ordo Hereticus...

I know the bolt pistol looks wonky in the photo BUT IT'S NOT IN REAL LIFE

Note the PVA still drying on the base...

From a gaming perspective she'll have power armour, the ubiquitous 3 servo skulls, the L1 psyker upgrade (with free force sword) for Divination goodness, and the Liber Heresius for shenanigans.

Her head is from the Exorcist organist, the bolt pistol from the Canoness, a bit of brass tubing to extend the bolt pistol barrel and a bionic eye from brownstuff. Looking forward to putting some paint on this model, finally!

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