Sunday, 22 March 2015

Small steps...

So, at the behest of my (lovely) wife, I finally cleared enough space downstairs to have a table set up.

At some point some of the other stuff in the photo (kids beds etc.) will be gone leaving me maybe enough space for a second table? That'd be a bit cramped but a big game could be fun. 

Am now attempting to build terrain that fits on the Sector Imperialis table (no, no, it's still not finished...), you really are almost stuck building GW ruins to fit the raised detail footprints. I need more buildings too... :-(

Am very excited about having some space. This has been earmarked for the last year but only really is it now slowly becoming a reality.


  1. It's always good to get a space for a table set up. Gaming potential starts to become gaming reality. Good to see the Imperialis table with some colour on it

  2. sweet, looking good. My zuzzy gaming mat is still rolled up in it's packaging. For shame!