Monday, 3 November 2014

A quick and general thanks...

One of the key things about this hobby is the constant need for ‘bitz’. And how to use them.
We all need 'bitz'. You may even notice at the bottom of the blog is a list of ‘stuff I need’ that I have attempted to articulate.
We’ve all got our individual creations that scream out for them. Whether it’s a particular style of backpack, a sword, a head, some models you need to flesh out a unit, or whatever – the creative flame may wax and wane and be different for all of us, but it is there nonetheless.
Now, I’ve been accused by someone who will remain nameless (until they out themselves by making a comment in the ‘Comments’ section) of being a bit of a magpie too.
Sure. I accept that. I do also ‘give back’ where I can to those people that I can help or who ask. It’s part of the roundabout circle-of-life nature of this hobby.
Part of the point of this blog is to actually put this collection of ‘bitz’ into good use. To try and create something physical out of all the ideas that have been bouncing around between my ears and the associated hoarding that has occurred.  
Over the years I have had immense assistance and input from a number of people into my hobby. This was just particularly reinforced the last week when out of the blue I received an email about the aforementioned list, and then a small parcel of ‘stuff’ arrived in the mail from Wes in Christchurch.    
And this random act has inspired this post – so, even if I have been thankful before for people's generosity, I would like to take another moment to acknowledge my appreciation, particularly to the following people (in no particular order) for the free offering of your advice, time, and occassionally your ‘bitz’ over the years:
  • Pete Dunn
  • John Tailby
  • Jason Holland
  • Alan Borthwick
  • Wes Barclay
  • Kevin O’Leary
  • Jack Dunn
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Jason Isaac
  • Chris Parkin
  • Richard Dagger
  • Craig Stewart
  • David Eagles
  • Greg Rae
  • David Lewy
  • Gareth Ackrill
  • Geoff Cooper
  • Glen Burfield
  • Jason Wood
  • Dave Taylor
  • Mal Patel
  • Mike King
  • Paul Goldstone
  • Warrick Craill
  • Blaise St Laurent
  • A number of Aussies on WargamerAU
  • Probably a number of people I have missed (sorry!)
A big thanks to you all for helping feed my creativity, and to anyone I have helped out, I hope it fueled your creative flame also.

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