Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Vermintide this weekend!!

The reason I have been a bit quiet is that (apart from family 'stuff') the one-day WHFB tournament Vermintide is on this coming weekend. It's 1200pts, and 5 games on 5' x 4' tables with some unique and different scenarios. And I have been feverishly painting my Carnosaur. Normally I would have taken more of everything else, but I thought that it would be a good idea to use the tournament as a deadline to get this rather large model painted.
This is the soft and fluffy list I am taking:
Scar-Vet (General) – Light Armour, Charmed Shield, Tormentor Sword, Talisman of Protection, Carnosaur w/Loping Stride
Scar-Vet (BSB) – Light Armour, Shield, GW, Standard of Discipline, Cold One
Skink Cohort – 11 Skinks, 1 Kroxigor, Standard, Muso
Skink Cohort – 10 Skinks, 1 Kroxigor, Standard, Muso
Skink Skirmishers – Javelin& Shield
Cold One Riders – 6 COR, Spears, FC
Bastiladon – Solar Engine
A pretty mobile list apart from the Bastiladon, which I thought would be good to take for some* magical offence - some Terradons would have been nice but you can't have everything**
*Pretty much nothing
**... if you take a Carnosaur

Here are some WIPs - should be done no problems finishing for Saturday. Carnosaur just needs static grass, magnetic sheet, and a varnish. Scar Vet might get finished tonight!

RAAAAAAARRRRGGH!! <Boom> Ouch a cannonball!

My wife preferred the Old Blood while I preferred Kroq-Gar... so I mixed it up. Call me crazy!
Now onto the tournament - Games 1 and 2 are one of these unique scenarios - it pits the Defender with 1200pts against the Attacker with 1000pts. You play each role over the two games (against different opponents).
Deployment is per Battleline, with the defender choosing table sides. The attacker can then choose for the defender to deploy their forces first and give up first turn, or deploy alternatively and go first.
The attacker gets victory points for exiting units from the far table edge in the enemy’s deployment zone. The attacker receives double the original cost of the unit in victory points providing that it is still over half-strength, and the original unit cost if it is half-strength or below. Victory points are not awarded for any units using the special deployment rules (i.e. Vanguard, Ambush, Scout), or who have the Fly special rule.
To exit, the unit must make a normal move (not a march move – except relentless dwarfs) off the table. Alternatively it may pursue an enemy unit or overrun off the table. Once a unit has exited by way of a normal move it may not return. For a unit that exits by way of pursuit or overrun the player must declare their intent to return or not as it exits. A unit that returns does not count for bonus victory points unless it exits again.|
The first round draw has been completed. I am up against 1000pts of Daemons wielded by Ryan Stuart. His list is:
Herald of Tzeentch (General) – L2 Wizard
Daemonettes of Slaanesh – 25 Daemonettes, Musician, Standard, Standard of Swiftness
Pink Horrors of Tzeentch – 10 Horrors
Beasts of Nurgle – 4 Beasts
Skullcannon of Khorne (whatever happened to BLOODLETTERS OF KHORNE???? Oh that's right... Hugh Dixon is taking what seems to be the local supply...all 14 of them)
So it’s going to be a challenge – Ryan also has a lot of mobility with those Daemonettes and the Beasts and the everpresent threat of that ‘orrible Skillcannon.
Trust me to get one of the three lists with cannons first up... but I am sure it will be a fun game! 

Overall across the lists there are 2x Skullcannons (over two lists), 2x Warp Lightning cannons (in the same list!), 4x Reaper Bolt throwers (over two lists).

There's also 1 Terrorgheist, 1 Necrosphinx, 1 teeny weeny harmless Carnosaur (mine), a veritable redirect*** of eagles (in one list), some Mournfang, some Skullcrushers, an excessive**** of Wild Riders (in one list), a couple of L4's....and lots of this and that. They all look a lot scarier than my list.

*** That's what they are called in the Helf army...
**** That's what they are called in the Welf army...

Armies break down to:
37% forces of Chaos (WoC or DoC)
14% forces of the Undead (von Carstein and Tomb Kings)
21% PEG (one of each flavour)
7% Mercenaries (OK)
7% Humans (Bretonnians)
7% nasty nasty Ratties with their broken army book
7% Order of Light, fluff, and fairness (Lizards) 

So not a lot of good guys. The Bretonnians and I will fight the good fight though!

I am picking Peter Williamson to win, not because he's the TO's son (although... nah. Surely not) but because he a very good player and there's enough annoying stuff in his list like the veritable rain of arrows  :). Then it's a fight for second between Ryan Lister and his list of arrowed doom (oh and the Wild Riders) and Alan Hughes' rat swarm (and two WLC's...).

Right, I'm off to finish my Scar Vet!


  1. Wild riders are cuddly and cute :)

    Look forward to seeing the new dino and lizzies on Saturday

    1. Cuddly and cute... If you're not having to face 37 of them like in your list Ryan! ;-)

  2. Looking forward to this Saturday, and really hoping I don't face Alan's Skaven or Ryan's Trueflight Wild Rider Battalion of Doom.

    1. Someone has to Tane, your list has 'underbus' written all over it... Be a team player please!