Saturday, 1 November 2014

To carnosaur or not to carnosaur...

...that is the question.

Vermintide lists have to be in this weekend, and Neil the TO is allowing the 50% Lords/Heroes as per the GW FAQ.


If I take a Scarvet onna carnosaur, I can take a BSB on a Cold One. And that's it, no magic defence.

Alternatively I could take 2x Scarvet (1x Gen, 1x BSB) on Cold Ones, a L1, and a Chief on a Terradon or Ripperdactyl for sorta the same points.

Taking a carnosaur means I get to paint a new model. Either way, it's going to be interesting.


  1. The option to take a monster is always answered "yes". At 1200pts you can easily play without magic

    1. A) Are you playing Joel and b) How many cannons are you taking?

    2. I'm in Oz, so not attending. My experience of 1200pt events is that unless you can bring 4+ spells to the table (eg warrior priest, lvl1 with ruby ring, hurricanum as I did a couple of years ago to give me a potential 6 spells/turn), the points limitation means you're better off investing in punchy toys.

      Monsters will be doubly good as the usual counters (magic, big units, artillery) will be few and far between/if on the table be easily countered (oh hello 2x3 terradons).

    3. Jeez I wish I had read this before submitting my list...

    4. or warlocks, you should probably take warlocks Hagen

  2. I'm in the fortunate position to know the answer to the deliberations.