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The SFL vs the World

Righto, here’s my report on my 5 games against very nice people.

Game 1 – vs Ryan Stuart (Daemons)
Ryan had (1000pts as per scenario):
Herald of Tzeentch, L2
25 Daemonettes of Slannesh
10 Pink Horrors
4 Beasts of Nurgle

Ryan has played 40k and is making his way into the twisting turning alleys of the Olde World.

As per the scenario rules he asked me to deploy my entire army first (which would also give me first turn).

As you can see Ryan set up on quite a refused flank. Turn 1 I moved the Carnosaur and CoC forward to tempt the Beasts into a charge. It didn’t work, and in his turn the dreaded Skullcannon fired...

Turn 2 for me the Carnosaur and CoC combi-charged the Beasts, wiping them out and overrunning. The Carnosaur made it to the Skullcannon, while the CoC got forward enough to charge the Pink Horrors.

The other thing that was happening was the Skink Skirmish unit march blocking and ultimately drawing the Daemonette unit into the marsh where they suffered Dangerous Terrain tests. And then I spent the rest of the game whittling them down through weight of javelin and Beam of Chotec shots until they were all gone.

In this game everything the Bastiladon did went right. I should have taken this as an omen as the rest of the tournament because he did pretty much nothing else really in comparison! It’s reasonably good for 150pts...although it really needs Impact Hits GW! Pleeeeeease. I’ll buy a second one if you do!

20-0 to me

Game 2 vs Ben Crum (Vampire Counts)
Ben had:
L4 Necromancer, 4++
L2 Necromancer, Book of Arkhan
L1 Blender Vampire (Death), Sword of Might
20 Crypt Ghouls
5 Dire Wolves
5 Dire Wolves
20 Zombies
Spirit Host
Spirit Host

We deployed alternatively which allowed me as the attacker to go first. I deployed a two pronged advance with the intention that something would make its way off.

This game started well (or so I thought). Ben vanguarded his Dire Wolves out, so in my Turn 1 the Carnosaur charged, connected, wiped them out, and overran into the Terrorgheist.

Ben’s Turn 1 – Terrorgheist screams in combat, Scar Vet is dead, Carnosaur has 2 wounds left (and is now Stupid), can’t do anything back, my Turn 2 he does nothing (again) and then Ben’s Turn 2 is mercifully put out of his misery.
Where for art thou, carnosaur?

The Terrorgheist then flapped off and killed (over several turns):
Saurus Cav
1x Skrox unit (the remains of)

Vampire and Ghouls never even needed to get into combat.


At the end of the game I had some of a Skrox unit left (the ones that finally beat the Spirit Host with CR).

... After this photo was taken, obviously.

With the benefit of hindsight I should have just smashed up one flank with everything, I wanted to force Ben to choose where the Terrorgheist went which I still think was a good idea (maybe it wasn’t) but it certainly didn’t quite execute.

2-18 to Ben

Game 3 – vs Robert Higgins (Warriors of Chaos)
Robert had:
Chaos Lord, MoN, Flail, Scaled Skin, Flaming Breath, Ironcurse Icon, Daemonic Mount
Chaos Sorceror, MoN, DS, Luckstone, Warrior Bane, Enchanted Shield, Potion of Foolhardiness, Daemonic Mount
14 Marauder Horse, MoN, Flails, LA, Shield
5 Chaos Warhounds
6 Chaos Knights, MoN, Wailing Banner

I was reasonably confident that I could deal with this army, as long as I charged... So I did against the Nurgle Knights with the Carnosaur and the CoR and just bounced. Damn -1 to hit! Luckily the Scar-Vet on the Carnosaur held but he couldn’t do anything. At all.

When the Carnosaur did eventually hit and wound the Nurgle Lord (just the once) it only did 1 wound. Eventually the Scar-Vet and the Carnosaur both died a death. And surely deserved to.

Funniest moment of the game:
The Marauder Cav bus charged a Skrox unit in Dangerous Terrain, won the combat, failed to run the Skrox down, lost a crapload of models to the terrain, failed their subsequent Ld test, and then ran off the board in the next turn. LOLs all round.

At the end of the game I controlled the two objectives that allowed me bonuses for future games. Robert controlled the Cursed Watchtower (which had penalties for the next game) and 300VP.

1-19 to Robert

Stupid carnosaur

Game 4 – Peter Williamson (Tomb Kings)
Peter had:
Liche High Priest, Ruby Ring
3 Chariots
3 Chariots
17 Skellie Bows
10 Skellie Bows
Tomb Scorpion
Tomb Scorpion
3 Carrion

I had forgotten that Necrosphinxes fly. So I was initially cautious with my movement as I was petrified of that damn Necrosphinx flying in and Heroic KB’ing my Carnosaur or BSB. As it turns out he did that to the BSB

... but that allowed my Carnosaur to pull off an audacious long charge into the unit of 17 Skellie Bows, wiping them out in one glorious charge, which led to...

Funniest moment of the game:
Liche Priest IF’s Usekhp’s Incantation of Desiccation which reduced the Scar-Vet and Carnosaur’s toughness by 3pts to T2... just as they had received a charge from three chariots. This had a predictable result in the ensuing combat. The resulting Miscast though sent the Priest down a hole and allowed me to salvage a draw (at the end of the game I had the Bastiladon and the Skrox unit showing, he had a Tomb Scorpion...) from all the subsequent crumbling.

10-10 draw (I was 35VP ahead so I take it as a win! <cough>)

I should have been braver and risked the T1 charge with the Carnosaur into a unit of Chariots, it was only 18”... yeah right!

Game 5 – vs Ian Dixon (Bretonnians)
I’d like to start with an apology to Ian as, with my fuddled mind after 4 games in a row, I completely forgot to take any photos of our game...

It was also just wrong that the two good guy armies were facing off against each other too.

Ian had:
Paladin, Virtue of Confidence, Lance of Artois
Paladin, BSB, Armour of Agilulf, Shrieking Blade, Potion of Foolhardiness
6 Knights Errant, Errantry Banner
5 KotR, Banner of Chalons
5 KotR, Banner of Swiftness
15 Peasant Bowmen, Braziers
15 Peasant Bowmen, Braziers
6 Mounted Yeomen, Shields
3 Pegasus Knights

In this game I used my bonus 100pt unit picked up in an earlier game, so got 7 Chameleon Skinks.

Ian’s army prayed, so I went first and forced the Yeomen to flee with the Chameleon shooting, and also sent forward the CoC and the Carnosaur to encourage the Knights Errant to charge.

This worked, and resultant carnage ensued where eventually the CoC got flank charged by the KotR with the General in it - they survived and reformed, blocking the Carnosaur from getting in amongst it (there was no other way...). The Peg Knights charged and eventually made a unit of Skrox flee after a couple of turns but wore the Carnosaur the turn after that.

2x Kroxigor made short work (eventually) of the BSB in about Turn 5.

20-0 to me

Overall results can be found here

I was pretty stoked to come away with Best Presented, that centrepiece model with the added distraction of the Bastiladon really paid off I think. Thanks everyone for your votes!

A big thank you to Neil for running it and the Wellington Warlords for hosting. Love these one day events!

And I am also happy my only failed prediction was 1st place. How could you do this to me Peter?? At least 2nd and 3rd were 1st and 2nd. And well done to Hugh for getting those 14 Bloodletters near a podium. That won’t happen again any time soon!

Next time? Less Carnosaur. And more Saurus Cav. And more Terradons. And play better.

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  1. Using them in 4 of the 5 games (they weren't in my 1000pts) all they managed to do was not die to skullcrushers in 1 turn in game 1, therefore holding them up to allow the daemon prince, beasts and cannon to charge the crushers, otherwise they either died quickly or wandered around the board hoping to charge something.
    If i had another unit of horrors painted they won't have made it to the table :(