Monday, 24 November 2014

Lords of War this weekend

Saturday sees the Wellington Warlords running a 1-day 40k tournament over 5 rounds, called Lords of War.

At 750pts, with a few restrictions on what you can/can't take, its an ideal way to a) get into the game/meet new people; b) try out a new army (before you go and spend bazillions on it), and; c) just have fun rolling dice for a day.

The restrictions are:
-No allies, fortifications,  Escalation, or Stronghold Assault units
-No D weapons
-No Forgeworld or Imperial Armour units
-No dataslates
-No special/ unique/ named characters/ Lords of War (ironically)
-No flyers or flying monstrous creatures [monstrous creatures with wings may move as jump infantry only].
-Elite, fast attack, and heavy support slots limited to 2 unit selections each.
- 1 HQ unit only

So the list I am taking is:

HQ: Lord Commissar, Carapace Armour

No Force Org: Ministorum Priest, Autogun

TR: Veterans: Lasgun, Lascannon, Meltagun x3, Forward Sentries

TR: Infantry Platoon
PCS: 3x Flamer, 1x Heavy Flamer, Krak Grenades, Meltabombs (Commander), Chimera w/Multi-laser + Heavy Bolter
Squad 1: Sergeant w/Power Axe, Plasma Gun, Lascannon
Squad 2: Plasma Gun, Lascannon
HWT 1: 3x Autocannon
HWT 2: 3x Autocannon

FA: Rough Riders (5): Meltagun, Meltabombs (Sergeant)

All that is left to do is paint a laspistol and convert/paint a power axe for the sergeant. 

I must say I am looking forward to getting back into 40k, and being able to use all the gaming paraphernalia that I bought in the UK :). I must start getting all the models out and checking them for breakages... and thank my wife again for supporting my hobby!

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  1. No irony intended Hagen. We used the Lords of War moniker last year [ a play on Warlords] before the category existed in 40K. Still waiting on the royalty cheque from GW for the name though. Lords of war is designed to be an event for the novice and the veteran alike. It will be good to see you back on the tables. Cheers, Carson