Monday 20 October 2014

Militarum Tempestus squad finished!

Ok I have finished the first of my Militarum Tempestus units, including Taurox transport.

The plan is, still, assuming there is a place left, to enter into the Armies on Parade at GW Wellington this weekend. 

Because of the new rules, I no longer have to prepare a baseboard (although it would help) nor do they all have to be new models or even a legal army, so I can flesh it out with some of my older models.

I am imagining I would be able to display: 

Inq + Retinue in Chimera
Militarum Tempestus squad in Taurox
Veteran Squad in Chimera
Rough Riders
... and with any luck the Deathstrike. I've only got 4 nights to do it...

If I can get the Deathstrike finished that would be 4 new units in two weeks which I am happy about.


  1. 4 nights - you can do it! Great progress.

    I usually find black schemes boring but liking the Taurox. Little bits of red and gold break things up without taking away the menacing black.

    1. It's such a cool model to put together (like the Scions). Pity I need to buy another 6 to use the Formation (2 for this army and 4 for my Astra Militarum)...

  2. The red is great, all the colors are cleverly muted. Is nice to see these guys painted non-garishly.