Sunday 6 December 2015

The Bearers of the Word!

The last Liber Animus I attended in Melbourne I built and took this army.

I wanted a foil for my Sisters of Battle - what could be more of an antithesis than the Word Bearers??

In all their glory (to Chaos!)

Kol Therion 'The Beast' after his apotheosis

A Dark Apostle I whipped up after Dark Vengeance came out and the Chaos Codex was published. Note the lack of paint...

The version of Kol Therion I took to Liber
This is the only model I am not totally happy with - I originally intended to build a walking daemonic version of Inquisitor Karamazov but it just didn't work out. And I had already built most of the terminator so I needed to have something about right size-wise..

Luckily he is magnetised and can be put in a squad of terminators...
Ta da!! Cleansing flamey flameness.

Chosen back when they were cool and could scout

And some new 'under construction' Chosen because those Dark Vengeance models are awesome

12-man foot squad with lesser Dark Apostle

Another lesser Dark Apostle with a Rhino

Some guys who would shoot stuff

A squad of Raptors... again.... not getting much paint love

My Obliterators. Word Bearer Terminators who had failed Kol Therion, been possessed by Daemons and had their mouths stapled shut... nice.

My Vindicator and the model I used as a Greater Daemon. I had 18 Beastmen painted as 'lesser daemons' but do you think I know what has happened to them?? 

Ahh... my Defiler. Needs his Battlecannon magnet stuck back on though

Enough bitz for a squad of Havocs (who uses them? I hear you cry) and some Possessed (ditto) and a couple of Spawn
At Liber Animus VI in 2009 I won the Harlequin trophy for this army. This is probably the award I look back most fondly on - a vote from the painting judges and attendees on the army that most encapsulates the 'theme' of the tournament was a nice award to win.

What's left to do? Just Havocs, Raptors, Chosen, the Dark Apostle, and Possessed (a very Word Bearer thing even though they have been crap, then good, then crap again rules-wise).

I really thought I might sell the army since they haven't been used for so long, but getting them out onto the table got me all nostalgic and wishing for unlimited funds+time to buy and paint a Helldrake and a couple of Maulerfiends. There was a lot of passion and effort went into this army - we'll see what happens.

And here are some other chaos models I have lying around 

Two nurgle guys I had fun converting and painting. 

A Tzeentch Sorceror that I painted back in the 90's when the model first came out! It appears to have stood the test of time...