Monday 1 January 2018

2017 Painted Model commitment #10 - Final (and some New Years goals)

So 2017 has now gone, and how have I done for completed models?

Converted from the Dark Imperium Gravis Captain 

Terminator shoulder pads are actually the correct size but you can't really tell I reckon

Aggressors are pretty awesome... two to go

Cool model but unlikely to ever see a competitive army list...

This on the other hand will always see a list

So how did I go?
Weeks of the year complete: 52
Models painted: 61
Vehicles painted: 3
+ terrain

So I'd say it was a success. 

If I was to be critical I didn't 'complete' any armies and I did not paint as 'fast' as I wanted to (e.g. just under half of my Custodes/Sisters of Silence army are still staring at me after starting with a hiss and a roar). 

On the plus side, if I lost the motivation for a particular army I had plenty else on my table to choose to do instead (both painting and modelling), which was good for my state of mind...

I've built more Deathwatch (aaargh)

...and Space Wolves are still to come in 2018.

I'm also pretty happy with how Maelstrom and Warpstorm went - 30-odd people at each is good for Wellington with a good handful of out of towners and tournament newbies at each. It's obviously a product people are interested in committing to play at, and an inclusive environment for those dipping their toes in the competitive waters.

So what lies ahead for 2018?

Painted model commitment: I think I'll stick to 52 models again. Let's not get too ahead of ourselves here. But Rhinos will count as 3 models and anything larger as 5.
What do I want to paint: At least two Knights. More Deathwatch.
What do I want to buy: More terrain. Multi-part Inceptors I think... they look good. But with the rate of releases from GW, I am getting fatigued. 
Running tournaments: I have booked the hall for the following two dates. Maelstrom XI 2018 - WH40k 09-10 June 2018, Warpstorm XI 2018 - WH40k 27-28 October 2018. Players pack for Maelstrom will be out March-ish.
What else? Well Seb just bought his first GW models with his own money (Primaris marines) and he wants to paint them as Space Wolves... what can I say other than I am a proud Dad. I do want it noted that I did try and encourage him to collect an army we don't have <cough><Mechanicus><cough> but it fell on deaf ears. Damn kids with their own thoughts and ideas. Never mind. Nathan at GW Wellington was great at teasing what he wanted to collect and paint out of him and giving him some pointers.

I'm also keen to play more games this year. Especially if Seb is getting into it... 

Happy New Year and all the best for your hobby goals.