Sunday 7 June 2020

And then there were more than two...

After several months of Life/Covid/Work impacting hobby time (and maybe a bit of procrastination), I finally sat down yesterday and finished off the two Helverins that had been sitting staring at me since January.

The A(rmiger) Team
Next is finishing assembling/magnetising the Knight Preceptor.

And in other news I have been starting to work on stopping the #routdrought

Venerable Dreadnought Yettobenamed
Plastic Contemptor chopped and reposed... what a faff
The Big Guy
3 out of 8 complete

For some perspective on how far my painting has come, here's my Bjorn from 25 years ago... needs a repaint!

In other news, Maelstrom has been rescheduled to 18/19 July so very much looking forward to that!

2020 Painting update
Weeks of 2020: 24
Models completed: 21 (equivalent)!