Sunday 23 July 2017

2017 painted model commitment #6

Right. I have not been totally idle these last two months, it's just that life has been, well, busy. But I have completed more models. 

Geminae Superia #1

Geminae Superia #2
Hanging wit' da Boss

Epistolary Casca Artemidorus of the Novamarines

Brother Aldo Rull of the Red Templars

Brother Algernon of the Mortifactors

Brother Lars Arvigr of the Space Wolves
(also a great excuse to use some of those Lightning Claws lying around...)

Brother Sammael Witte of the Flesh Tearers

Brother Darnath Helios of the Sons of Orar

Brother Fafnir Cades of the Executioners

Brother Samandrial of the Dark Angels

If I add Brother Ro N'gonui of the Dark Angels I have completed my first Aquila Kill Team!  Also very interested in the possibility of all Primaris Marines being available for Deathwatch duty, that means not all of them have to join my Space Wolves.

And finally, I painted a model for my boss's farewell. He's ex-airforce so I tried to make it a bit in the colours of the RNZAF... 

What's coming up? THIS.

Talons Taking Names

How on target am I?
Weeks of the year complete: 29
Models painted: 34
Vehicles painted: 1