Sunday 16 October 2022

Aaand... back to the Deathwatch

And with that hobby scratch itched (or more realistically, taking a break) I am back into the Deathwatch.

Here we have the last of my combi-melta guys (a Space Wolf from Krom Dragongaze's Great Company).

I painted his skin darker than usual to reflect the other tribes from Fenris ("The people of the southern isles are dark of skin and ill of temperment").

And I now have a painted Watch Master.

One of the few remaining marines from the Astral Knights (who were wiped out as a Chapter by the Necrons of the World Engine), he is now devoted to the Deathwatch for the rest of his life.

Now I'm starting on my 10-man Indomitor unit... and that should be all for the immediate future unless I'm still possessed to do more!

Friday 14 October 2022

An irregular update

<Is this thing on?>

I have to admit I was a bit knackered after the Deathwatch painting frenzy and did need some time out.

Well I have not been lurking in a hobby desert since my last post, as I got inspired to build and start painting my HH 2.0 Vlka Fenryka army!

It’s great (for me) as I have been grabbing a few models I would never get around to in 40k (looking at you Grey Hunters and especially Scouts) and integrating them into 30k. Also I am able to use a big chunk of the Dreadnoughts I have painted already which is great.

I’ve painted:
1x 15-man Grey Stalker squad
1x 5-man Wolf Scout squad
1x Jarl Praetor (Haakon Vidurssen, the Iron Wolf)
I’ve got undercoated:
1x 15-man Grey Stalker squad

1x 10-man Tactical Support squad (Rotor Cannons for that sweet Space Wolfy Relentless Infantry rule)

1x Rune Priest/Caster of Runes (no photo yet)

I’m building:
5x Command Squad
1x Contemptor

I’ve still got to buy:
Ulrik the Slayer
Grey Slayers (a priority once I have finished painting the undercoated Grey Stalker and Support Squad)
Deathsworn (but they are down the list)
A couple of Rhinos 

I’ve got bits/kits for:
1x 10-man Jorlund Hunters
1x 5-man Recon squad
1x 5-man Seeker squad (maybe 10)
10x Tartaros Terminators
15x Cataphractii Terminators
5x Indomitus Terminators (might be missing a couple of torsos to be honest…)
1x Centurion/Praetor
1x Geigor Fell-Hand
2x Apothecary
1x Spartan Tank (needs FW Land Raider doors)
1x Dreadnought Drop Pod
1x Drop Pod 
Probably a special weapon squad or two
Probably enough for some other Centurion types e.g. Champion, Moritat

I should have 2000pts painted by Xmas which is my goal. Then I have to figure out whether I do Varagyr and the Spartan or ‘something else’.