Wednesday 18 April 2018

Maelstrom XI June 09/10 2018 - Update #2

Ok, with the new FAQ out there needs to be a slight amendment to the way Composition will be scored at Maelstrom. 

Composition is now scored as follows (amending the players pack):

Composition (25pts)
Maelstrom XI includes Army Composition as a component which is worth up to 25pts towards your overall score.

The points awarded break down as follows, based on your army list:
  • ·    1x Battalion or Brigade Detachment from a single parent Codex where each unit contains all Faction Keywords (e.g. Ultramarines Chapter where all units will have the Faction Keywords IMPERIUM, ADEPTUS ASTARTES, ULTRAMARINES): 25pts
  • ·    1x Battalion or Brigade Detachment from a single parent Codex that contains at least one Faction keyword in common (e.g. Adeptus Astartes): 22pts
  • ·    1x Detachment of any sort from a single parent Codex: 21pts
  • ·    Any combination​ of 2+ Detachments from a single parent Codex (e.g. Codex Drukhari): 21pts
  • ·    Battalion Detachment with a single Faction keyword (e.g. Adeptus Astartes): 20pts
  • ·    1x Detachment of any sort from multiple source Codex/Indexes: 18pts
  • ·    Any combination of 2+ Detachments from multiple source Codex/Indexes: 19pts

Less than 2 months to go!

Edit: Also!

Also... to provide some continuity with FoB and also support for our Drukhari brethren:

Q. There is a three detachment restriction in place for Maelstrom XI. How does that interact with the Drukhari Raiding Force rule?

A. The Drukhari Raiding Force of multiple Patrol Detachments can replace one of your three allowable Detachments.