Monday 22 February 2016

Upcoming tournaments - a notice


Thanks to a very supportive family, I am exited to announce provisional notice for two tournaments that I will be umpiring (or at the very least organising) this year.

Maelstrom IX is tentatively booked for 11/12 June 2016
Warpstorm IX is tentatively booked for 29/30 October 2016

Both will be held at Cashmere Ave School, Khandallah, Wellington. Pencil them in!

According to the qualification calendar year for the 40k Masters (being held in Christchurch this year) 29/30 October will most likely be the last chance for people to qualify (assuming there is not going to be a tournament on Monday 31st... stranger things have happened I am sure). 

Hopefully I will have confirmation in the next week or so. More details to come... and maybe players packs...

Thursday 11 February 2016

Rune Priests

I don't know about you, but I am a little bit excited about the new Warzone Fenris coming out - and particularly some of the Formations (Note: I am not that excited about the rumour that points values will be disappearing from 40k to be replaced by Formations though... that... sounds... too bad to be true and hideously true at the same time).

Space Wolves were my first 40k army proper, and I have always had a soft... err.. tough hard viking-esque spot for them.

One of the Formations that caught my eye was the Wyrdstorm Runepriests. I have a Njal Stormcaller in power armour to convert as well as the current metal Rune Priest, so I dug out some of my old metal 2nd Ed models to see if there was a particular model that might respond to some conversion.

"Oi. get your axe out of my face!"

My pick is the middle one (Blood Claw Pack Leader... for those of you that are old enough). Not sure I would remove the power fist either, it looks like a special glove for summoning tempests or something.... that and he has more trinkets/furs/knives/character.

One thing about this release that I am not particularly excited about that they haven't appeared to have fixed the number of Dreadnought attacks (to bring them in line with the Space Marine Codex). Will know for sure this weekend!