Tuesday 10 February 2015

Sector Imperialis board - Part 1

One of my goals for February is to paint my Sector Imperialis board (particularly in light of needing it ready for Maelstrom). After seeing Pete's efforts and the time he has spent on his Tablescapes boards over at FoB, I was a bit... nervous.... reluctant.... hesitant... 

But no, I wasn't going to let my own mind get in the way of progress. So I boldly undercoated with black spray... last week... and I have finally begun with the hand painting.

I have used a number of Resene test pots that I have matched to the GW colours (as best as possible), but I will refer to the GW colour when I discuss paints to keep it simpler (for me).

Oh, and GOODNESS THERE IS A LOT OF DETAIL. Also, GW's video (which I watched again) should be renamed "An overt marketing video on how we want to increase sales of every single paint, particularly metallics, that we produce".

These two photos are Step 1 (post-undercoat). I got out some spray cans - Mournfang Brown and an old can of Camo Green - and lightly sprayed some places on the board as you can see. Why? Well, it meant that I could overbrush metallics on top and have some colour come through underneath.

I wish I could have found my old Boltgun Metal can, I must have lent it to someone :(

Where I am at right now

This one is the furtherest along

Step 2 - I have painted the following:
  • Flagstones - Khorne Red, stippled blotches on them of Steel Legion Drab and Rhinox Hide, drybrushed them with Bugmans Glow (these colours, along with the dirt, fit the basing scheme I have on all my Astra Militarum, Inquisition, Sisters of Battle, and Word Bearers)
  • Metalwork: Mix of Balthasar Gold, Screaming Bell, Warplock Bronze, and Leadbelcher
  • Dirt: Rhinox Hide
  • Road and drains: Eshin Grey, drybrushed with Administratum Grey

Where to from here:
  • Finish base colour metallics over the remaining 4.5 boards
  • Paint all the skulls...
  • Paint bits of detail here and there (lights, maybe control panels... etc.)
  • Random highlights of metallics
  • Airbrush a 50:50 mix of Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade over the whole board to bring it all together
  • Add some different ink colours in random spots
  • Drybrush flagstones, guttering, and dirt with Ushabti Bone
  • Drybrush all metallic bits with Necron Compound
  • Add some effects (corrosion, etc)
I am going to try and get in a couple of hours a day on this.

This is certainly an interesting project that requires some patience. It would be cool if there were a few of you working on it together (along with a few beers and a BBQ), painting it on my own has been a bit... tedious.


  1. Hagen, I can come help you with it this weekend if you like? I can ask Ryan too, he would likely be keen. Although, neither of us have quite got full painting marks yet....
    Shoot me an email if you are keen.

  2. That, Will, is a very kind offer - can we do a rain check on that perhaps for when there's a pile of terrain that needs painting? And besides, it's Valentines Day this weekend, you and Ryan should be going out?

    ... err... umm... not with each other, at least, err... Where's that spade? Never mind. ;-)