Sunday 6 December 2015

The Bearers of the Word!

The last Liber Animus I attended in Melbourne I built and took this army.

I wanted a foil for my Sisters of Battle - what could be more of an antithesis than the Word Bearers??

In all their glory (to Chaos!)

Kol Therion 'The Beast' after his apotheosis

A Dark Apostle I whipped up after Dark Vengeance came out and the Chaos Codex was published. Note the lack of paint...

The version of Kol Therion I took to Liber
This is the only model I am not totally happy with - I originally intended to build a walking daemonic version of Inquisitor Karamazov but it just didn't work out. And I had already built most of the terminator so I needed to have something about right size-wise..

Luckily he is magnetised and can be put in a squad of terminators...
Ta da!! Cleansing flamey flameness.

Chosen back when they were cool and could scout

And some new 'under construction' Chosen because those Dark Vengeance models are awesome

12-man foot squad with lesser Dark Apostle

Another lesser Dark Apostle with a Rhino

Some guys who would shoot stuff

A squad of Raptors... again.... not getting much paint love

My Obliterators. Word Bearer Terminators who had failed Kol Therion, been possessed by Daemons and had their mouths stapled shut... nice.

My Vindicator and the model I used as a Greater Daemon. I had 18 Beastmen painted as 'lesser daemons' but do you think I know what has happened to them?? 

Ahh... my Defiler. Needs his Battlecannon magnet stuck back on though

Enough bitz for a squad of Havocs (who uses them? I hear you cry) and some Possessed (ditto) and a couple of Spawn
At Liber Animus VI in 2009 I won the Harlequin trophy for this army. This is probably the award I look back most fondly on - a vote from the painting judges and attendees on the army that most encapsulates the 'theme' of the tournament was a nice award to win.

What's left to do? Just Havocs, Raptors, Chosen, the Dark Apostle, and Possessed (a very Word Bearer thing even though they have been crap, then good, then crap again rules-wise).

I really thought I might sell the army since they haven't been used for so long, but getting them out onto the table got me all nostalgic and wishing for unlimited funds+time to buy and paint a Helldrake and a couple of Maulerfiends. There was a lot of passion and effort went into this army - we'll see what happens.

And here are some other chaos models I have lying around 

Two nurgle guys I had fun converting and painting. 

A Tzeentch Sorceror that I painted back in the 90's when the model first came out! It appears to have stood the test of time...

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Ordo Xenos - the Deathwatch

One of my hobby goals has been to be able to field forces representing the three major Ordos of the Inquisition.

While I had started modelling a Deathwatch Kill team squad, using the rules back in WD 306 (and I had designs for more) I got the fantastic opportunity several years ago to purchase a Deathwatch themed army from Alan Borthwick.

This was all done pre-plastic Sternguard and Vanguard so yeah, amazing work and I feel very lucky/blessed to be benefitting from his hobby skills.

All the Space Marines I have (and bitz boxes)

Command - need a third Librarian so I can do that Conclave thing (I have the plastic one in the background but a metal one would be more... right)

Sternguard Squad

My Sternguard Squad but probably just a Tactical Squad armament-wise

Two Terminator squads - need to convert the CC squad but first need another 5+ of the plastic terminator Deathwatch shoulder pads!

3 Dreadnoughts (Furioso, Venerable, + AoBR)

Vanguard/fancy Assault Squad

Tactical Squad 1

Tactical Squad 2

Tactical Squad 3

Scout Squad (and yes I do have the rest of them)

Land Raider Prometheus but I need to convert to a Crusader... and two Rhinos

3 Drop Pods and 4 Landspeeders (two of which will be Typhoons)

My collection of Servitors without any Techmarine to guide them... :(

And finally, my Horus Heresy started army from when Pete at FoB was trying to get people inspired to paint up a force. Obviously I would add to this with the new HH box set... if I had time.

So yet another accumulation of unpainted models and great ideas and intentions which I WILL turn into reality...

It does need some more grav weaponry and maybe Centurions and also possibly a Devastator squad (with grav cannons). I possibly have some of the old metal Devastator bodies lying around so that would be suitable I think... although I quite like the mix of metal and plastic.

Friday 20 November 2015

The Order of the Violaceous Heart... Sisters of Battle

And here are probably my favourite army, certainly under 4th and 5th. 

But now, there's few things that make me sad. For example, you can't currently take eviscerators on Veteran Sister Superiors, which (to me) forces you into a certain style of less aggressive play if you don't want to take allies.

Beware the Holy Trinity, heretic!

HQ choices

Close up of Celestine and my counts-as Uriah Jacobus

Canoness Teresa du Cartho (who has taken the head of a Daemon Prince in close combat)

Command Squad
Old school conversion for new Rhino
The Revered Photocopier of St Lucius (old joke... )


Large Sororitas squad

Another Sororitas Squad on foot
Sororitas Squad in Rhino (I MISS EVISCERATORS)
Another Sororitas Squad in a Rhino
6 Seraphim

Retributors of rending death... or at least, in the old days with the 'better' Faith Point system...

Repentias of jolly angryness ... and just after I finished this squad of 13 they changed the unit size to 5-10 not 5-20 grrr

Ahh... my Exorcists. Named as Divine Guidance and Divine Deliverance... and their unmade friend... inna box
Dominion Squad #1 (3 Flamers, combi-melta)

Dominion Squad #2 (4 meltas, combi-flamer)

Dominion Squad #3  (4 meltas, plasma pistol)

Unpainted stuff just holding on to just in case they release a new codex etc. etc.

More of the same pack rat mentality

One of the things that bugs me about the current e-Dex is that you can't take multiple relics on a single model like other Codexes. Surely this is an oversight?

There's a bit here I am now going to divest myself of, e.g. unpainted Repentia. The painting list is:

  • 4x Immolators
  • 3x Dominion squads
  • 6x Heavy Weapons for alternate Retributor fitouts (multi-melta, heavy flamer)
  • Some extra models for another Troops unit
  • Command Squad
  • Another Canoness with Eviscerator and Bolt Pistol

So 'not a lot' (ha!). My challenge is that as noted above, this was my favourite army so giving up any of the models feels... wrong.