Saturday 30 May 2015

Space Wolf Kill Team

When I was planning my trip to the UK last year, coinciding with a trip to Nottingham was a 1-day Kill Team tournament being held at Warhammer World.

I started converting a Kill Team for this event but unfortunately the date was moved (noooooooo.....) so I... stopped working on it.

The latest Space Wolf upgrade kit found here has piqued my interest. So I thought I would get those conversions from last year out and see if I could reinvigorate this. 

Most are Grey Hunters, but there's a couple of Wolf Guard (from a long long time ago that are getting 'upgraded') and a Wolf Scout.

Horgrim Stonebreaker

... missing his shoulder pad. Careless Horgrim, careless!

Olveig Cnutson

"I like blades... lots of blades"

Farsjolt Godbattler


Trygve the Sun-maker

His CCW is between his backpack and his back

Leiknir Raveneye

I thought maybe ex-Deathwatch?

This is an old Wolf Guard conversion I did years and years ago

Still waiting for his Grandt Line rivets to be done

Pre-Forgeworld Heresy armour mark conversions

... along with shield.

My vision of how Space Wolf Scouts are supposed to look.

Sorry for blurryness

Awaiting a backpack a la 2nd Ed Space Wolf Scout sergeants

Give some sense of scale
I picked up a few of the new 32mm bases today too, so maybe that will help as well (although Scouts will always be on 25mm...)

I still have a few of this squad to convert, we'll see how that goes.

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