Saturday 24 October 2015

Being a bit 'quietly'

It has been a bit 'quietly' lately, no painting as such but I have had a couple of games (of which I took <2 photos total... fail). 

First up was a game of Age of Sigmar against Seb. We kept it simple as we were playing on a 2'x2'. He took 28 wounds worth of Sigmar's finest. Against him I took Gen's (High) Aelfs.

The field of Order and glory
This was actually my first game of AoS... and I really enjoyed it (and not just because I was having a game with my son... although that was pretty awesome). My initial impressions was that the mechanism was easy to follow, but there certainly were hints of tactics/combos that could be utilised in a normal-sized-game-whatever-that-is. Obviously need to play a lot more but it didn't seem as 'dumb' as some have raged.

My only comment at this stage is that there does need to be some mechanism for pickup games that is easy to follow. I have had a look at a couple of the fan created systems - maybe I am missing something that more playing will illuminate - but they appear to be... complicated. 

I also really don't like the bonuses for winning previous games... that's great for a campaign but... yeah. Anyway.

Certainly Swordmasters were pretty scary - 2 attacks each hitting on 3+ wounding on 3+ Rending 1 makes them pretty hard hitting! Upping that unit to 20+...

Note: Seb won (that guy on the Dracothingamy mount smashes things good)

Imperialis Eunt Domus
This weekend I was invited to and am playing in a Damocles campaign with 5 other (relatively) local players. I will be assuming the role of the Independent People's Front joining the glorious Tau for the Greater Good.

Our aim is to throw off the yoke of the oppressive Ministorum - because apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, protection from Eldar, Chaos and Tyranids, the fresh water system and public health, what has the Imperium ever done for us?

I hear the Blood Angel commander is called Naughtius Maximus.

The plan is 1750pts Planetstrike tonight, with Kill Team tomorrow morning and then a 6000pts a side multiplayer tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully I will actually remember how my camera works.