Sunday 31 January 2016

ValleyCon 2016 40k - done and won

ValleyCon 2016 this weekend has been done and won - congratulations to the winners and attendees.

It was a pleasure to see many familiar faces and some new ones too. My life as a TO was very simple - collate results, answer 5 questions the whole weekend, publish the draw... end.

Special thanks to all those that travelled further than from Wellington to attend, and also to Deon who once again stepped in at the last minute to make sure no-one had to play a bye any round. Also to the Hutt Club who secured an excellent venue and Mighty Ape who gave us some prize support.

Looking forward to the next tournament!

Sunday 17 January 2016

40k at ValleyCon - Errata #2

Ok... a sense of déjà vu  here.

In the players pack, it states Sportsmanship is out of 30. The reality is that it is actually out of 25 (max 5pts per round... not 6).