Sunday 7 June 2020

And then there were more than two...

After several months of Life/Covid/Work impacting hobby time (and maybe a bit of procrastination), I finally sat down yesterday and finished off the two Helverins that had been sitting staring at me since January.

The A(rmiger) Team
Next is finishing assembling/magnetising the Knight Preceptor.

And in other news I have been starting to work on stopping the #routdrought

Venerable Dreadnought Yettobenamed
Plastic Contemptor chopped and reposed... what a faff
The Big Guy
3 out of 8 complete

For some perspective on how far my painting has come, here's my Bjorn from 25 years ago... needs a repaint!

In other news, Maelstrom has been rescheduled to 18/19 July so very much looking forward to that!

2020 Painting update
Weeks of 2020: 24
Models completed: 21 (equivalent)!

Tuesday 21 January 2020

And then there were two...

Added a second Armiger Warglaive to my growing army...

As stated, transfers, weathering and basing will occur when I've completed all the models first!

Feels good to have completed the Warglaives... Helverins are probably 3 evenings worth of work away too which is exciting.

I think I'll count these as Dreadnought sized (3 models)...

2020 Painting update
Weeks of 2020: 4
Models completed: 6 (equivalent)!

Friday 17 January 2020

Resurrecting my hobby...

Well it has been a while… a whole year in fact.

There was a distinct lack of hobby done in 2019 – I had a year of restructuring at work, kids are older and doing more activities/consuming more time, and also the serious illness and death of a family member that still, 6 months later, requires time and input to work through just the administrivia – and despite this I still made a choice against advice to the contrary to run two tournaments and play in a couple as well (albeit with not the greatest amount of enthusiasm due to these challenging impacts). I think I managed to paint maybe a dozen models and that was probably only because I needed them for Fields of Blood.

Part of the challenge too, like I raised in 2017, was the neverending (and compounding) sense of the Fear Of Missing Out with regards to GW and their amazing release schedule – and in particular my ability to deal with it, mentally, which I think was worse in 2019.  You begin one thing and a week later it’s yesterday’s news and you might end up – as I did last year – too scared to start anything for fear of not being able to finish it, particularly if you are a slower painter like me. I also didn’t do any small creative bits of work (e.g. an Inqusitor conversion) because it wasn’t getting me any closer to a completed competitive army so why would you start? And then because I wasn’t doing anything, my perspective got warped to where I felt like I was failing, and failing at something I have a huge amount of passion for. This made me consider at one point giving everything hobby-wise up so I didn’t have to think about it.

Part of this stems from that I always had so many quite thought out and concrete ideas for how I would build and paint themed armies (e.g. Space Wolf Kaerls). The current availability of models make it soooo easy to be able to create cool armies that I think you could spend 24hrs a day building and painting and still not finish everything.  Reflecting on this In ye olde dayes, you would have 1-2 army releases a year (and several years between Codex updates) which would give you plenty of time to buy build and paint an army. These days it feels like 1-2 armies a month. Let alone the “need” to keep up with blog feeds, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook groups, local clubs… it’s overwhelming at times. 

As a quick comparison, 25 years ago….

Space Marines
Dark Angels
Blood Angels
Space Wolves
Imperial Guard
Sisters of Battle

Plus Citadel Journal ‘unofficial’ lists e.g. Genestealer Cults, Arbites.

Space Marines (9 variants + custom chapters)
Dark Angels
Blood Angels
Space Wolves
Astra Militarum (7 variants)
Imperial Knights (8+ variants)
Adeptus Mechanicus (6+ variants)
Adepta Sororitas
Adeptus Custodes
Tyranids (distinct Hive Fleets)
Genestealer Cult
Eldar (5 variants + custom craftworlds)
Dark Eldar
Necrons (5 variants)
Orks (5 variants)
Chaos Space Marines (7 variants + Renegades)
Death Guard
Thousand Sons
Renegade Knights
Chaos Daemons (5 variants)

And note this list does not include Forgeworld army lists.
*EDIT - realised I left Grey Knights off this list!

There are also Supplementary Campaign books (Vigilus, Psychic Awakening) and Other Games (Necromunda, Warcry, Kill Team, Blackstone Fortress, et al) some which have units you can officially use in 40k too.

And Errata.

Of the list of armies above I have 12 of them in various states of size and assembly. Is that too many? Who knows for sure (answer: probably yes. I have been accused of being a magpie). 

So in 2020 I am taking a different approach. After much reflection in the last two months I feel more at peace with where my hobby is at, and I am going to let the FOMO wash over me like a cool breeze and focus on small steps. I want things to be simpler not more complicated. 

This year I will look to rationalise my collection (starting with non-40k games) and remove some physical and mental clutter. I have enough Best Army and Best Painted awards, so there are no itches to be scratched there which means I am consciously going to try focus away from “Good” to “Good Enough”. 

I am going to return to my challenge of painting 1 model a week, and see how I go. 52 models should be a tournament sized army, generally, if I decide to focus on a specific thing. But 52 models painted is 52 fewer models I need to do. 

I am also going to attempt to stop this alleged hoarding. I've been pretty good the last couple of months (comparatively speaking).

I'll continue to run Maelstrom and Warpstorm and will look for assistance in the administration.

To make things reasonable for my painting goals (i.e. a Land Raider is not ‘1 model”) I will use the following scale:
25-40mm = 1 model
Vehicle (Dreadnought equivalent) = 3 models
Vehicle (Rhino equivalent) = 5 models
Vehicle (Land Raider equivalent) = 8 models
Large Vehicle (Knight+) = 12 models

Wishing myself luck! 

Oh and I am off to a start. Rhino or Dreadnought equivalent? Still awaiting transfers and bases but once I have completed painting the actual models that's when I'll finish them in one batch.