Tuesday 21 January 2020

And then there were two...

Added a second Armiger Warglaive to my growing army...

As stated, transfers, weathering and basing will occur when I've completed all the models first!

Feels good to have completed the Warglaives... Helverins are probably 3 evenings worth of work away too which is exciting.

I think I'll count these as Dreadnought sized (3 models)...

2020 Painting update
Weeks of 2020: 4
Models completed: 6 (equivalent)!


  1. Motoring! I think this puts you way ahead of schedule?

  2. Looking good, nice and clean. I like the face plate and shoulders on the rear one.

  3. Love Armigers, Dreadnought sized is 5 painting points on my scale!
    1pt Troop type mini (25mm/32mm)
    2pt Termie/Bike type (40mm/50mm)
    5pt Rhino/Terrain/Dread/Armiger/Flyer
    10pt Landraider/Drop Pod/Character
    20pt Imp Knight/Superheavy
    50-75pt Titan (WH50, R/WB60, WL75)

  4. were they painted with Contrast paints?