Thursday 10 November 2016

Goodness me, Adepta Sororitas rumours

Some of you may know that I have been a bit of an Adepta Sororitas (or Sisters of Battle for the older ...err... more world-wise crowd) player ever since the Witch Hunters Codex. I had some reasonable success with them and also enjoyed the whole aesthetic. 

Ahhh... so many neat rules for Faith Points... so much imagery

(This one too, I just didn't have an army of them at the time...) 

Anyway. the rumours are that there will be plastic Adepta Sororitas models around Xmas - now I am not sure if this is actually SoB models or just more of those (awesome) Sisters of Silence, but regardless I have some more models to paint before this happens - so I can essentially (but not completely) 'finish' my SoB army.

It's not much... just 4 Immolators, a command squad, and 20 Dominions... ... .. (at least they are undercoated.)

It's so scary when they're all on the table

Might finish these first... likely to never see a competitive game but hey 
Only four models to paint, really

Melta melta everywhere

And a healthy dose of plasma pistol just because I couldn't be bothered converting her to a combi-melta or flamer

Added to the list - but waiting to see what a Codex might bring - are about 30 other models (lots of bolters, multi-meltas, and a complete Inq/Priest retinue of Death Cult Assassins etc.). 

Best I press on.
What exactly are you waiting for?? A Blessing??

Sunday 30 October 2016

Warpstorm IX 2016 - done and won

Warpstorm IX 2016 has been done and won.

It was a bleak cold weekend in Wellington - which of course is perfect wargaming weather. 

Luckily when we packed up on the Sunday it had cleared and was very sunny, which was fantastic for taking the tables back to their home. 

Overall it was a great success, we raffled off a copy of Deathwatch: Overkill (supplied by Mighty Ape) for the Wellington City Mission, 8 trophies got given away, and everybody had fun (max sports scores for the weekend).

The participants in some of their glory

Breakdown of the results
Thanks goes out once again to all the supporters (sponsor, table and terrain suppliers, bye busters) and participants who (apart from the stressful week prior when I ended up having several dropouts that I needed to find replacements for) were amazing with zero drama llamas.

Congratulations to all the winners... and here's some photos from the event

26 happy gamers 

Nigel's cool Razorback

Daemonic goodbadness from Glen

Fantastic diorama base... more here

More Eldar shenanigans

Flying Circus

First Place army... just a bit of firepower

How now blue Tau?

Best Presented army.... nice

Lucky bugger

Hope to see you all again soon!

Sunday 23 October 2016

Warpstorm IX lists are available...

With 5pointsomethinorother days to go, the lists have been released to the participants so they can start planning/practising/scheming/or even whinging if they want to... 

You can download them here

Apart from pick up tables etc., all that remains is to pick up the trophies!

Tuesday 18 October 2016

Warpstorm IX... an update

Ok, a week and half (or thereabouts) until Warpstorm IX.

A reminder: army lists are due by this Friday 21st, I have received a couple already so that's great, remember I will be spending my Friday evening (only, hopefully) checking lists so I can get them all sent out to the attendees... so anything you can do to make my life easier in this regard would be awesome.

Also, a parcel arrived in the mail today from Mighty Ape...

This is what will be raffled off at the weekend - so all you Genestealer Cultists in hiding or noble warriors of the Deathwatch/Imperium start counting your coins.

Thursday 22 September 2016

I am actually doing hobby stuff...

It has been quiet... too quiet.

With the arrival of Deathwatch I have been busily assembling... my collection of bitz. Now I have actually put some models together (and even painted one!)

Such nice models to assemble

Finally a use for those Wolf Claws

Seems appropriate that Black Templars would use smite-sized hammers

Brother Shaen

... And finally a reminder - Warpstorm IX is in just over 5 weeks so if you haven't registered yet you need to get onto it! 

Friday 12 August 2016

Warpstorm IX - 29/30 October 2016

I am very pleased to announce that the ninth Warpstorm tournament will be held on the weekend of 29th/30th October 2016 at Cashmere Avenue School, Khandallah, Wellington.

It will be 5 rounds of 40k, with armies of 1750pts. Earlybird entry cost for Warpstorm is $30 up until 30 August 2016, after which the cost is $40.

You can download the Players Pack here

I'd like to thank Mighty Ape for sponsoring this event. Check out their Facebook page here

Any updates or news will be posted on this blog.

This is the last qualifying tournament for the 2016 Masters (being held in Christchurch).

Sunday 7 August 2016

Return of the Eldar Clown Party

In 2007 I built and painted (and used) the only Xenos army I have really had. By 'had', I mean not bought via eBay/people and actually used in tournaments.

It was based around several troupes of Harlequins, led by Eldrad (at higher points I added in an Autarch as well), supported by Shining Spears (Harlequins on jetbikes) and War Walkers with scatter lasers (yes scatter lasers, not starcannons, after all it wasn't 2nd/3rd ed). I had to take 2x troops so that ended up being Pathfinders... well, because. Just because.

I ran an army 'blog' on WargamerAU. ... .  suffice to say I can tell you, I was not very good at using this particular army. I think now (nearly 10 years later) I'd possibly be a bit more ruthless but back then I was still a Space Wolf at heart so charge etc. <except T3 5++ save = die more>. Mind you I did win a Best Sport at a GT and also Best Army with them so it wasn't all bad. And they did Bad BAD things to a certain Deathwing army... <sigh>

Here are some photos I dragged out of my hard drive
Great Harlequin Tre'sidda 

Very Metal Eldrad conversion

Troupe A

Troupe B

Shining Spears... so good... yet so crap

One of my favourite conversions ever

Very fluffy Pathfinders

Anyway... I did laugh when the new Harlequin codex came out, but not as much as when I saw Death Masque. Eldrad leading a Harlequin troupe... 

I just want to say "You saw it here first/I TOLD YOU SO" :)

Tuesday 2 August 2016

Terrain for Call to Arms

While I am not playing at Call to Arms this year, I did offer Craig Stewart (the umpire and regular tournament attendee) 3 tables worth of terrain for the players to fight over.

After Maelstrom I purchased some more terrain. I had been eyeing the Tempestus Firebase that had been for sale at Livewire Games what seemed like forever, and it was still available so I finally pushed 'buy' and it appeared a couple of days later on my doorstep. Must have been fate.

A lot of guns. Death to the enemies of Mankind!
The box is made up of an Aquila Strongpoint, 2x Firestorm Redoubts, a Vengeance Weapon Battery, and an Imperial Defence Emplacement. You get a lot of plastic! 

The only things I had to watch for is that some parts were slightly warped so required lots of rubber bands. that there was a lot of mold lines to clean off, and whoever disassembles them off the sprue at the factory doesn't necessarily do it with the care and attention most gamers would... oh well, battle damage I guess...

It's now had an undercoat and a couple of shots of spray paint (enough for the weekend - detail later). Next challenge is to find something to store it in...

Tuesday 28 June 2016

More photos from Maelstrom IX

Thanks to Aidan Corlett for supplying these photos (taken with an actual camera, not by some hack with a Samsung i.e. me)

Also, Wellington City Mission really appreciates everyone's generosity in donating via the raffle, notice was posted on their Facebook page. Good work!