Wednesday 18 January 2017

2017 painted model commitment #2

Here is my latest offering to the Paint God(s)

This is made up of a 2nd Ed metal immolator upgrade courtesy of Peter Dunn, a number of years ago (so yes armed with Heavy Flamers not Multi Meltas), converted to fit a 3rd ed Space Marine rhino. Added are Forgeworld doors, a Bretonnian Questing Knight banner and some Bretonnian Men at Arms accessories.

It's generally going to be a Command Squad or Celestian transport, hence the extra bling.

Burn heretics!
I suppose you're going to tell me the top hatch is no longer a fire point

The Emperor looks over you as you disembark to... burn the heretics!
All that is required is some varnish (which will help blend the highlights etc.). I just need to wait for less weather bombs and more dry sun. 

Now I am going to be onto a Dominion Squad, I have three to complete (along with their Immolators... multi melta Immolators). Also in my immediate modelling and painting future are Canoness Veridyan, a Seraphim that will become one of the Geminae Superia (still looking for her twin at the moment...), and probably an Ecclesiarchy Battle Conclave.
How on target am I?
Weeks of the year complete: 2.5
Models painted: 5
Vehicles painted: 1

Tuesday 3 January 2017

Happy New Year (and some vague promises for 2017)

Happy New Year every(any)one! 

The New Year is often a time for reflections on what you did (or in many cases, didn't) achieve in the previous year, so I'm going to start this year with a few commitments to 2017.

#1 Paint at least one model a week, starting with my Adepta Sororitas
Ahh... a Command Squad. The least likely unit to ever see a competitive army list (IMO)

More detail

Well underway! All that I need to do is figure out squad markings and then some static grass and varnish!

And I've put some paint on the first of four Immolators...

#2 Assemble, undercoat, and zenithal highlight 2000pts of Space Wolves - at a minimum

The intention here is to have an army I can have some fun games with that isn't just grey plastic... it'll be plastic undercoated grey (there is a difference!)

#3 Play Blood Bowl more (in person/Board game or PS4)

I have played two games vs the AI on my PS4 so already achieving this

#4 Try not to get stressed out/depressed about GW's release schedule and my inability to keep up

So many cool things coming out but how long is this sort of release schedule sustainable - not for GW, but for the community? In the old days you had 1-2 army releases a year which allowed time to collect, model, and paint a reasonable sized force. It just seems that the current marketing schtick is to force you to buy lots, paint little, and then have a liquorice allsorts army... 

I've also got Deathwatch and Genestealer Cults to keep me busy when things get boring...

#5 Play 1+ games of 40k

#6 Run 1+ tournaments, Joy willing...