Wednesday 18 January 2017

2017 painted model commitment #2

Here is my latest offering to the Paint God(s)

This is made up of a 2nd Ed metal immolator upgrade courtesy of Peter Dunn, a number of years ago (so yes armed with Heavy Flamers not Multi Meltas), converted to fit a 3rd ed Space Marine rhino. Added are Forgeworld doors, a Bretonnian Questing Knight banner and some Bretonnian Men at Arms accessories.

It's generally going to be a Command Squad or Celestian transport, hence the extra bling.

Burn heretics!
I suppose you're going to tell me the top hatch is no longer a fire point

The Emperor looks over you as you disembark to... burn the heretics!
All that is required is some varnish (which will help blend the highlights etc.). I just need to wait for less weather bombs and more dry sun. 

Now I am going to be onto a Dominion Squad, I have three to complete (along with their Immolators... multi melta Immolators). Also in my immediate modelling and painting future are Canoness Veridyan, a Seraphim that will become one of the Geminae Superia (still looking for her twin at the moment...), and probably an Ecclesiarchy Battle Conclave.
How on target am I?
Weeks of the year complete: 2.5
Models painted: 5
Vehicles painted: 1


  1. Are you going to continue to be controversial (cough "weak") and give those dominions flamers as well?

    1. 2x squads of meltas, 1x squad of flamers just because that's the model hand I've been dealt Wil.


    2. You do know that their act of faith allows them to ignore cover eh?

    3. .... yes. But I only have two squads of meltas. But I also like Seraphim so *if* I had 3 FA it would be 2x Dominion and 1x Seraphim.

  2. Very nice, good to see you are exceeding timeframes already. I like the Bretonnian hatch - works quite well with the SoB aesthetic.

    1. How many models does a tank count as? (for painting purposes)

    2. Technically still just one. However I think you could claim it to be worth several weeks of 'models' easily.