Friday 16 June 2017

Maelstrom X - the wrap-up

On the 10th and 11th June Maelstrom X was run and won. This was another stress free weekend for me as far as admin etc. goes, although we went from 31, to 30, and then to 28 people so it was a bit of pressure that last week making sure we had even numbers, 

Also attending Maelstrom were 4 out of town players, attending their first tournament outside of Christchurch. Hopefully it was a good experience and we hope to see them all back (with more of their mates) again.

It was a typically perfect Wellington weekend - nice and sunny for setting up, rained all Saturday, and then sunny Sunday afternoon for packing up. 

Such a great wee hall

White Scars vs Daemons

Nic Cromarty's orks vs CSM

Bad news for the Dark Eldar

"They are supposed to be fleeing from US!"

John Murrie's Harlequin Glass Hammers

No good can come from this

Cody's Necrons dulling their opponents to death after distracting them with the cool paint scheme

Bringing the Grav Train before it gets not as good
Raven Guard vs Ultramarine Grey Knights 

Ynnari vs proper Grey Knights

Some sort of 40k Mexican standoff

Iron Hands brook no trucking with the ruinous powers

Great terrain from Ryan with the light... three Helldrakes btw

Ynnari vs Tau, deserving opponents

About to get 'Not Good' for the Daemon Prince

... and the Bikers (note: Wolf Lord now MIA so leaving it to the 'basic' TWolves
On the Sunday, Scott Bowman from The Hobby Corner in Kapiti arrived with most of his shop. Word spread and this attracted several locals who were not playing to pop down and purchase wares (or pay their outstanding accounts... not sure which!). 

Scott also donated a pile of hobby supplies to raffle off, which I really appreciated - this year we were supporting one of our own players, Aaron Twose. Aaron's son Hugo has a rare form of cerebral palsy and they are raising money for a life changing operation that can only be performed in the USA. 

The raffle raised $125 which was duly transferred on Sunday night to the givealittle account. If you can and would like to donate, you can at

Oh, and results. Yeah. Here you go.

Shiney happy people :)
If you are a member of the NZ Warhammer 40k Facebook page, you can see more photos here

At the end of the prizegiving there was a bit of a surprise for me - I was presented with a GW print and a card from the players, with many nice messages thanking me for running the tournaments (and getting people through 6th and 7th ed.). Thanks guys, you didn't need to do that but I appreciated it greatly and now I have a plasma pistol aimed at my head to remind me that I need to keep painting...

Watching over me as I sit at my hobby desk
So I am starting to assemble my Custodes... .. . . 

Oh and 7th ed - Nah, nah nah nah-nah nah nah, nah-nah nah nah, hey hey hey...

So looking forward to tomorrow!