Monday 30 May 2022

Throwback... Monday?

1996 was a crazy year. The 2nd Ed Chaos Codex was out, and my 2000pt army consisted of a Black Legion Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour with all four Marks of Chaos, a bunch of Terminators, three Chaos Sorcerers, a Dreadnought, Land Raider and a squad of Chaos Marines. Pretty tiny!

The army has long gone, but I have kept one model to remind me of this time. 

Looking at it again, I think this is actually one of the best models that I have ever painted. I tried to copy the picture in White Dwarf and while it's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, I hadn't done any blending before and there were no YouTube tutorials, just whatever you got from White Dwarf, any mates tricks, and experience.

The only bit I think I would try to fix is the eye on the top of the staff.

Sunday 29 May 2022

Captain Markus She'don of the Iron Hands gets an update

I've had a couple of friendly games with the Deathwatch, and based on this I decided to update my Captain Markus She'don of the Iron Hands model.

Previously I was using him as a "counts as Artemis" but I've been having a little more fun with this combo:
Deathwatch Captain: Master-crafted boltgun, Relic blade
Stratagem: A Vigil Unmatched, The Imperium's Sword
Warlord: Castellan of the Black Vault: Adamantine Mantle
Relic: Purgatorus

Purgatorus has been such a fun pistol to use - with an 18" range as well it's in use quite quickly, and the times where he's been stuck in combat and unloaded 3x S5 AP -3 D2 shots before has been hilarious (for me) and a surprise (for my opponent). And then the Relic Blade has more fun.

I dithered about choosing the Adamantine Mantle (5+++) vs Resolve of Iron (+1W & 6+++) but think the 5+++ is a better deal (although Resolve of Iron sounds cool).

It's not all about the meta if you're having fun.

The Relic Blade comes courtesy of the Dark Angels Firstborn upgrade pack (converted to have an Inq symbol on it), whilst the Purgatorus is made from one of the noticably smaller Deathwatch bolters as well as changing the sickle magazine to a smaller straight to resemble the bolt pistols.

I did consider a pistol from the Sternguard sprue but they looked a bit small to be honest. 

I also changed out the Artemis backpack for the old (old? hey it was only 3rd Ed.) Captain backpack (with Artemis's Iron Halo transplanted because it looks cool)

Saturday 14 May 2022

Deathwatch - a hero and two veterans

Another three models completed... this time a Company Champion (interesting fact: this is one of the models I built in my original DW frenzy, with the intention for him to be a Blackshield. Now that the DW is a subset of the Marine Codex it fits my vision even better as a Champion), Dren Redblade from Kill Team Cassius (or as I prefer, a regular DW Boltgun/CCW Veteran) and an Exorcists Chapter Assault Intercessor for my Fortis Kill Team.

"You looking at me?"

Bit of knotwork to make his head interesting

This shoulder pad is from the Librarian with Force Staff (plastic set)

Next is probably the 4 Primaris Outrider bikes so I can tick off the Fortis KT. 

At the moment I am doing the drybrushing last, I am going to try doing it as the first stage (maybe after I do the eyes...) and see how that goes. My challenge here is that I am a "start messy and tidy it up as you go" painter - I don't have the eyesight or brush control (possibly due to quality i.e. using my brushes until they are dead) to paint neatly à la the painting guides from GW!

Saturday 7 May 2022

Deathwatch Shotgun unit

Cracked through these 4 models this week - yes it's just 4, but they would be paired with either an Infernus Heavy Bolter or a Frag Cannon (which I've already painted).

Great unit for a Drop Pod... just saying

Silver Skulls, Brazen Talons, Taurans, Angels Porphyr

I'm pretty happy with the drybrush results on the back armour... Will also blend off when it gets varnished.

Company Champion, an Assault Intercessor and Dren Redblade are next!

Sunday 1 May 2022

Deathwatch ... Stalker bolt rifle unit

FINALLY .... finished this squad of 4 Stalker Rifles and Missile Launcher. I'm pretty happy with the highlighting - I've been using small makeup brushes and finding them really good for the black armour.

Fiddly nonsense

Stereotyped Raven Guard Sniper

Mk IV armour is rad