Sunday 29 May 2022

Captain Markus She'don of the Iron Hands gets an update

I've had a couple of friendly games with the Deathwatch, and based on this I decided to update my Captain Markus She'don of the Iron Hands model.

Previously I was using him as a "counts as Artemis" but I've been having a little more fun with this combo:
Deathwatch Captain: Master-crafted boltgun, Relic blade
Stratagem: A Vigil Unmatched, The Imperium's Sword
Warlord: Castellan of the Black Vault: Adamantine Mantle
Relic: Purgatorus

Purgatorus has been such a fun pistol to use - with an 18" range as well it's in use quite quickly, and the times where he's been stuck in combat and unloaded 3x S5 AP -3 D2 shots before has been hilarious (for me) and a surprise (for my opponent). And then the Relic Blade has more fun.

I dithered about choosing the Adamantine Mantle (5+++) vs Resolve of Iron (+1W & 6+++) but think the 5+++ is a better deal (although Resolve of Iron sounds cool).

It's not all about the meta if you're having fun.

The Relic Blade comes courtesy of the Dark Angels Firstborn upgrade pack (converted to have an Inq symbol on it), whilst the Purgatorus is made from one of the noticably smaller Deathwatch bolters as well as changing the sickle magazine to a smaller straight to resemble the bolt pistols.

I did consider a pistol from the Sternguard sprue but they looked a bit small to be honest. 

I also changed out the Artemis backpack for the old (old? hey it was only 3rd Ed.) Captain backpack (with Artemis's Iron Halo transplanted because it looks cool)

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