Saturday 14 May 2022

Deathwatch - a hero and two veterans

Another three models completed... this time a Company Champion (interesting fact: this is one of the models I built in my original DW frenzy, with the intention for him to be a Blackshield. Now that the DW is a subset of the Marine Codex it fits my vision even better as a Champion), Dren Redblade from Kill Team Cassius (or as I prefer, a regular DW Boltgun/CCW Veteran) and an Exorcists Chapter Assault Intercessor for my Fortis Kill Team.

"You looking at me?"

Bit of knotwork to make his head interesting

This shoulder pad is from the Librarian with Force Staff (plastic set)

Next is probably the 4 Primaris Outrider bikes so I can tick off the Fortis KT. 

At the moment I am doing the drybrushing last, I am going to try doing it as the first stage (maybe after I do the eyes...) and see how that goes. My challenge here is that I am a "start messy and tidy it up as you go" painter - I don't have the eyesight or brush control (possibly due to quality i.e. using my brushes until they are dead) to paint neatly à la the painting guides from GW!

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