Sunday 28 October 2018

Warpstorm XI - Results

Warpstorm XI has been done and won... congratulations to the winners!

Onwards to the next tournament and good luck with any new hobby projects you might have.

Saturday 28 July 2018

Warpstorm XI 27/28 October 2018

The players pack for Warpstorm XI is available here. It will be registered with ITC.

Key points:

·         Consist of 1500 points or less
·         Be made up of 1-3 Detachments
·         Be Battle-forged (no Unbound armies)

Some changes have been made to previous Players Packs so I would recommend a read. 

Even if you have been to my tournaments before...

If you want to know more about the ITC, check out their website 

Wednesday 25 July 2018

I have actually also painted other things...

... just not 'models'.

Back before Warpstorm I was lucky enough to purchase a set of terrain from Wargames Tournaments, that included free worldwide shipping.

Unfortunately it arrived after the tournament so I set about undercoating and assembling.

This was my first MDF terrain and I really did not appreciate the time and effort it would take (optimism bias off the chart). However perseverance, some advice from Peter Dunn on sprays, and I got there in the end. I did do a spot of weathering as well.

With this product I have found that despite a desire to break it down and reassemble it every time, the practicalities of this are unrealistic (also some parts don't lock/wedge together tightly enough so require constant adjusting). So next purchase is some glue that works on painted surfaces and two 60L containers to store it.

This is a 6'x3' setup

One of the things this set was lacking was some LoS blocking terrain - enter Jake Easton who whipped me up some 6"x3" containers. Time to call that done.

Will be a good table to play over for Kill Team (or Necromunda) too.

Sunday 22 July 2018

So I have painted a model...

... actually painted one! Yes just the one. 

After comment that it was a pity the Dark Apostle for my Word Bearers wasn't painted, I went ahead and painted it.

He will fit in nicely and add some flavour and character (I mean, what sort of Word Bearer army wouldn't have a Dark Apostle?) 

The army is now up on eBay, we'll see how that goes.

2018 Painting update
Weeks of the year complete: 30
Models painted: 1
Vehicles painted: 0

Saturday 16 June 2018

Time to let my Word Bearers go

I built this army back in 2008/2009 specifically to take to Liber Animus in Melbourne. 
Army Diary on Wargamerau

I was pretty happy to receive the Best Army award there, given the luminaries of the Australasian wargaming scene of the time that were in attendance.


And the stuff I built but never got around to painting...

It's all going up for sale on the local NZ Facebook trading sites for a week or so... if no bites then off to eBay!